CMDR: Dutch Foster
Discord: CMDR Dutch Foster
Favorite Color: Green, however, the default discord chat color is fine.
I'm in Canonn discord chat already, as well as Fleetcom
CMDR vallor
Discord vallor
PC, can record and stream good video
Been flying in the Canonn PG lately, otherwise i'm in mobius pve.
Just sold research T6 for research FAS. (You know, just in case.)
Favorite color: Cobalt Blue
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Hello Myrmidon. CMDR Decarna, part of the Canonn Research Group with my home base in Cubeo with the lovely Princess Aisling Duval (what can i say? i got a thing for blue hair). My discord name is Decarna and the color i would like is a light blue. I believe in a peaceful interaction and mutual beneficial response given that thargoids do not come the same way the Borg did in Star Trek. With that in mind I plan to stop any who wish to instigate war and therefore i want to devote my ships to that cause. Fly Safe CMDRs.
CMDR: Saal
Discord: Saal (In group already)
I've been hopping around mobius and open lately but am interested to see a thargoid version of engineer upgrades.
Favorite Color: Crimson
week two summary (July 18th - 24th)

Topic post/gnosis synced and done
Thread is done
Discord ranks/channels set up, done for now
discord outreach successful, 44 servers contacted
698 invite clicked, 582 members, 137 confirmed on thread
stepped down from Canonn to run Myrmidon
Mentioned on PCgamer and Alpha Orbital
attempted GalNet, failed
Zac, Rhea, and Kerrash have joined discord
Klassic promoted to quartermaster
at 4 months old, r/Canonn subreddit has 898 subs, surpassing the year old r/UnknownArtefact (personal goal)
Handed in 8 million worth of data from NGC 6357 as CMDR Canonn to the barnacle CG, awaiting results. Loads of first tags for Canonn. (personal goal)
Greetings o7

Cmdr Qianas T. Geeq of The Hammers of Slough.

Forum and Discord: Chiana's Geek
Favourite colour: Green

My current area of interest is the Formidine Rift, but will always be exploration. I am armed, but have no intention of being an aggressor in any encounter I might be (un)lucky enough to have; it's insurance for surviving long enough to escape from encounter with potential inimical aliens, should they exist.
The Void wishes you well.

Group: Order of Enblackenment
Discord: CMDR FinrodNV
Color: Red

I am one of the Cardinals of the Order, we will see it done that this first contact is carried in a manner worthy of the Void. Together, along with other Children of the Void we shall live and share the galaxy in peace whenever possible.
Hello fellow Myrmidons! I'm CMDR Fatcat560 from the Sirius Inc. player group hoping to see a peaceful first contact with our galaxy friends :)
My discord name is SweetLittleMUV and my favorite color is red.
00Prometheus with Discord name 00Prometheus, favorite colour is uhhhhh? Purple? Yes, definitely! Purple! I am with Distant Worlds, currently in the deep black beyond the 65k line. Recon might be the place I fit best.
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