New Client broken - no Horizons?

Tried my 2nd account (Commander's Edition purchased in Steam) - works as intended.
Main account (base ED purchased in Steam + LEP purchased in Frontier Store) - no Horizons.
Not LEP or through Steam. Updated client just now for the first time in months. Blank launcher except for game options. Horizons is listed though and the game starts ok.
I can confirm this as well, currently residing in California.
I am a LEP.
I had the game installed through Steam; No Horizon choice anymore today at 8 am local time.
I tried installing the regular launcher and logged in: No Horizon anymore today at 8:15 am local time.
My orders are a mishmash. Bought Elite Dangerous Mercenary Edition from Frontier store. Later on I claim my steam key and bought Horizons from Steam. All my paint jobs are bought straight from the Frontier store.

Horizons still works for me, I am still allowed to buy paint jobs directly through the Frontier store and do I have go through Steam store now?
Must affect the steam account then? I'm also an LEP owner, the launcher update went flawlessly as far as I could see from a brief logging in. I don't have a steam account for ED. A mistake that I often make (but I doubt it has anything to do with the issues here) is that I usually pull a link of the launcher into the taskbar. Then I forget to do this again after an update as this link (in the taskbar) will be broken then.


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Hi Folks,

As Howard said above it's being worked on so everyone affected should be back in soon.

They'll be working hard to fix it.
I have 4 accounts, 3 no problems and horizons available. My premium beta account though does not give me the Horizons option. Looks like Frontier may have a little problem with the life time passes, worth checking if everybody with a problem is the same
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