New Client broken - no Horizons?

Seems to be just LEP owners - I guess they must be getting ready for a big LEP update!

nudge, nudge, FDev...
Same here. Updated client, Horizons is missing (shows orange installer background, not blue)
I am a Lifetime pass holder also.
Nowt wrong this end. LEP owner, update the launcher without a hitch......but my mate can't see Horizons even though he has LEP too. Neither of us use Steam for ED.
Just to confirm from me (the OP) - My LEP account (not steam) has no Horizons in orange launcher - game starts in base Elite.

My Merc edition and another account have Horizons in the launcher and start in Horizons.

No Steam installation of Elite.

So basically F D to LEP owners:


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Well it seems LEP. But with only 1 out of 4 accounts failing to access Horizons my position is obviously skewed if not. And it is definitely not steam as I'm not accessing via that.

To narrow further, I'm, premium beta LEP, so it may just be that one
Is it a co-incidence that I had to change my Kickstarter Premium Beta LEP store account email address to match the forum's account to be able to access the forum and now this problem with the updated client has happened?

Edit: I changed my email back to the one the store had before the new forum came along but the issue still persists.
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To resume, as it seems, Steam LEP's and premium beta LEP are pointed as the affected ones right ?

I am on PC, premium beta LEP owner and non-steam account. Horizons not there
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