New Client broken - no Horizons?

well at least now I know why so many folks have been saying they are having issues with the launcher....

just did 1 of my pc's..its fine, all that's different is the 32bit versions are gone and nothing says 64bit...
Starting on Steam gives Error:
"Der Zeichenfolgenverweis ist nicht auf einen Zeichenfolgeninstanz festgelegt.
Parametername: s"

Must affect the steam account then? I'm also an LEP owner, the launcher update went flawlessly as far as I could see from a brief logging in. I don't have a steam account for ED. A mistake that I often make (but I doubt it has anything to do with the issues here) is that I usually pull a link of the launcher into the taskbar. Then I forget to do this again after an update as this link (in the taskbar) will be broken then.
No Steam for me, but I am affected, so that's not the factor.
Could be a LEP user problem indeed. I am one and am seeing this too. When I then use options logout however and the choose steam login, I get my Horizons. If I use the regular login button, I'm seeing ED only.
LEP owner, unable to start Elite from Steam. Tried verifying the cache integrity, no problems there, but trying to start the game gets me a similar error message as those above:

Error during application startup
Exception initialising application:

Strengreferansen er ikke satt til en forekomst av en streng.

Parameternavn: s
Add me to the list. LEP owner, no Steam. Horizons is missing after upgrade to new launcher.
I finally came back yesterday from 5000LJ journey to unlock Professor Palin. If I log in now, I will be booted into space :(
I got 2 account and only 1 is life time pass owner and that one cant see horizen my alt that ar not life time pass owner can see horizen

and both of my account is from fronter store and not steam
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Installed the new launcher for the non-Steam client, launches without errors, getting a 404 error on the launcher HTML page, but the game can be launched from there, got in-game at least.
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