New Client broken - no Horizons?

I had the same problem. I just now re-installed the new launcher software "EliteDangerous-Client-Installer.exe" (from my downloads folder) a second time. Didn't bother to remove the previous one, just overwrote it. I noticed that this time my old desktop shortcut of the launcher was removed and replaced by a new one, which hadn't happened the first time. Clicking on the Icon, I instantly got the "blue" launcher. Hurray!
Mine is now working too :)

I played a short session in the base game, it was interesting to see what I was allowed to do & what wasn't. I couldn't access the crew lounge (I don't have any crew) but I could access the passenger missions. My modules retained their engineering, and remote engineering wasn't greyed out.
Steam version still says the launcher needs an update. I've just created a shortcut of EDLaunch.exe on the taskbar as a workaround in the meantime.
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