Community Event / Creation NEW SHIP CLASS PROPOSAL

I play with Elite Dangerous only from two or three weeks.
Now is my favourite game.
If i can give my little contribution...
This is a new ship-class proposal, a full-cargo class, with less hard point(two small for mining/weapons and two for things like shield boost or similar) limited thruster and FSD class,but with a lot of cargo space.
I think not less than 4 x 6E class cargo bay on base config.
I use Elite to relax myself at the end of the day, this kind of ship would be the best for people like me.

The WIP is about a small cargo,used for a short range commerce or transport, 10÷16 Ly maximum.
A standard speed may be 120÷160.
What do you think about?

Texture and other little details coming soon
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