Object snapping back to default?

So I noticed when I'm like making a rock go under the ground, as soon as I let go of shift it snaps back into it's default above ground? Not just rocks it's every object that you can manipulate (that the right word?). Even speakers. I tried attaching one to a building and it moved around the building instead of through it like it use to but at a weird angle and if I try to change it, it just snaps back to it's default. Only happened since the update. 😐🤨🤔
Maybe it (patch) changed the objects settings, in the bottom right? Like the align to surface? Im in game right now, and it seems to be working for me. But, I change my settings often.
Yeah align to surface defaults on and at least for me the hotkey to toggle it doesn't work so my building has slowed down a lot :( I used to have a really nice way of buildign rock formations where I would turn on align to surface and move a rock around on another rock to get random angles, then turn off align to surface to lock it in that orientation. But without the hotkey that is impossible to do since moving the mouse down to click the option moves the piece :(
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