Planet Coaster 2: Speculation and Rumors

I would love to see a smarter/easier building system for buildings. Like dragging walls and rooms etc. instead of plopping down walls piece by piece. I have great things I want to build but I'm often put off by how tedious it can be!

Also water physics would be a dream feature.

To be honest I'm pretty happy with the graphics and overall presentation of the game as it is... I don't think they should spend their time on that aspect.
DX12 for better FPS. This is the most important thing on my wish list.

Allow modding (or more options in the settings), so we can change things like the speed of the day/night cycle, override a ride's prestige value, etc.

Smarter peeps. If I had to pee so bad that I can't stand up straight, I would use the bathroom before getting into a long queue.

Easier path and structure building system.

I want to be able to become a peep, controlling which rides I go on, deciding where I walk, when to buy food, etc.
I'm surprised they don't build upon what they have.

Many other Simulator games change the core game here and there, sometimes significantly, but they money is in DLC.

I guess in the end making a brand new version would be the only way.

I'd prefer to have an "upgrade" option though.
Not sure if Steam will allow anything like that though.
As for the Disney Rumors... What if it's so we can get some new Licenced DLC for Planet Coaster 1? We did get Ghost busters... Maybe they're working on getting a Disney DLC pack, with mascots, a shop or two some rides and related scenery based on their park....


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I'm surprised they don't build upon what they have.

Many other Simulator games change the core game here and there, sometimes significantly, but they money is in DLC.

I guess in the end making a brand new version would be the only way.

I'd prefer to have an "upgrade" option though.
Not sure if Steam will allow anything like that though.
At a certain point a game can reach a point where it’s no longer viable to “bolt” things on top of the game with DLC and updates, especially when it comes to major new gameplay such as animals and everything that comes with animals. Everything “bolted” on top of the existing game will need to be backwards compatible with the existing game.

There is a point where it may be more viable to create a new game from scratch, even if based on the same ideas and features such as Planet Coaster. You can start with a clean slate and improve the core of the game that way, without needing to worry about backwards compatibility. I personally think this is one of the reasons why Planet Zoo is a separate game.
I think it's pretty much the same thing with Planco now. There is not much more groundbreaking stuff they could do. So they probably started working on the sequel already. We might still get some DLCs,but i don't expect anything too groundbreaking anymore,that would go against the core games mechanics,altough i was surprised they got the shooting ride to work. ;)
I just hope we have some of the same stuff at launch. If PC2 doesn't have any spooky stuff at launch I won't be able to do anything with it and will be VERY SAD.
Realistic Dark Rides... more dark rides... and dozens of dark rides please. If they cannot support real-time ray tracing so that buildings will be properly lit inside, they need to do a lot better than having to build rides underground to make scenes pitch black. We need to be able to make realistic dark rides. Possibly with a wall set that makes objects within their bounds pitch black and require them to be lit (PLLLLEEEEAAASE FRONTIER).

Realism... PC1 is cartoony but that works well with the look and feel of the game. However, there are features that should have made it into the game. Touches of realism inspired by the TMT such as wheelchairs, strollers, turnstyles, food carts, and so on and to the immersion making you fill like you are at a real theme park.

Fixed Motion Rides, Parades, Custom-Walkthrough Attractions, and Auditoriums... Custom stunt shows, 3D attractions, motion simulators, and horror mazes are missing from PC1. It is possible to do these things with PC but they are only facades (for the most part). Custom auditoriums and walk-thoughs are much better. Fireworks and water shows are a great features in PC1 especially when paired with vista points.

Rigging... adding scenery to moving rigs creates a new possibility for set pieces. We can now stack scenery how we'd like but imagine if this could be animated using bone animation and other types of rigging. This would allow us to create our own characters and themes that are actually animated!

Embedding... audio, images, video, and TMT items into park files and blueprints so that links to 3rd party assets do not have to be downloaded from the steam workshop.

Improve Queues... zig zag queues that only become occupied when guest limits have been exceeded for certain areas, multi-station ride queues get split into multiple queues like they do in real life. As an added bonus, staff member could open the extended queue area letting more guests in.

Pre-show Sections... show buildings and pre-show sections that take in groups of guests from a queue would be awesome. This would work well with smarter queues.

Better TMT... allow for video textures, embedded audio/video, and possibly some JavaScript. This is a bit out of the box but hey it's an idea.

Higher Performance and Optimization... larger parks and blueprints that take up less of a memory footprint and perform exceptionally.

Migrate PC1... Even if we have to pay for it in single DLC... all current DLCs should be in PC2. We have gotten used to having these pieces in the game... DON'T WATER PC2 DOWN. There are still many possibilities for future content. We will continue to support the franchise if the franchise continues to listen to us.

Fix Horror Heights... Continuity upon triggers are one thing but the Horror Heights having steps and a beginning rotation animation is a bit annoying... This should have been a track ride. It isn't all that bad but could use some improvement. Personally, I think this is an underused ride in the game.

Fix Motion Track Rides... it's not that they are broken but rather incomplete. The system of setting rotation, pitch, and so on, via track pieces is dated now. The track editor should allow for motion in a fixed or moving position, change in velocity (speed and direction meaning going backwards). In fact, trackless powered motion rides should not even have a track but rather areas in which the ride vehicle can move. Then we could freely sequence ride vehicles stand-alone or in groups greater than one vehicle. A ride vehicle can be motion controlled even if it is not moving along the virtual track. The Re-Motion and Hunstman rides are somewhat limited to linear motion for no other reason than the developers didn't raise the bar.

Custom Billboards on Everything... custom ride vehicle skins, staff attire, and souvenirs using billboards.
More features that RCT3 had such as online photo sections that actually worked, and again... more realism. Guests take 30min to an hour eating at a restaurant and a little less time eating at stands. Again... we want to design restaurants too so that we can watch a server take a groups order and watch them eat their food. We spend hours designing these buildings so we'd like to see guests get some use out of them.
Well, I like what Parkitect is doing, even if it looks kind of cartoony and kiddish in the trees and peeps. They even made the ability to build your own flat rides. Try that, Frontier. And, it has a Gravitron. But, I still like Planet Coaster better.
RCT3 had lots of things and features that PC didn't have. Something is a bit wrong about that. Even the water was and still is better than PC.
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