Please don't nerf the new mining

Amen to that.

Payouts for core mining are fine and in line with other activities.

I would argue that laser mining need a buff via commodities prices variation from system states and mission payouts, if anything.

And sub-surface/non core surface mining need and grand' Ol' kick in the butt as far as profitability goes. Like a 20x buff.
Why would you nerf it, it isn't that much, and you can still earn much more by doing Robigo-Sothis runs. (Please don't nerf those either!)
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I think they will probably fix the bit where opals are getting 10 times the galactic average, that seems silly to me.
How about a buff to subsurface mining tho?

Yeah... subsurface mining is the unwanted child at the moment.

At the moment, I'd put the most effective mining combos as:
- Lasers + Abrasion
- Fissure Detonation + abrasion

Subsurface doesn't really fit anywhere... it's faster to just use lasers or abrasion blasters, and you get different minerals from fissure detonations.

If it knocked out 4-5 chunks at optimum, or made them spawn the rare minerals that fissure detonation gives 20-odd chunks for, it might be more worthwhile.
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Prices are nowhere near that on PS4. Usually getting 225k/ton.

Platform shouldn't change it.

Are you selling at a Tourism economy like in that screenshot (and, as mentioned, one in an investment state?)
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