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Hello everyone, this is my new proyect, I will recreate the park located in Spain called PortAventura in Planet Coaster. With the passage of the days, I will go putting photos of the development of the park. Recreation I started with shambhala and dragon khan. I hope you like it.

A new update today. I did the China square, the entrance and the coaster station of Dragon Khan and the great wall of china. Finally the splash of shambhala.

I do not use anything special to take photos, only the graphics in ultra.
Probably, i upload the Dragon Khan, Shambhala and the thematization.

I bring more pics. In the first photo, we can see the China square, with the entrance to the great imperial theater down to the left, the queue zone of Dragon Khan and the express entrance.
In the second photo, is the same square but from the opposite perspective, where we can see Hurakan Condor.
These days I'm doing the Mexican area with "El Diablo" and once "Silver River Flume" since one depends on the other. I leave a small advance of the area of Mexico, the entrance to the restaurant "La Cantina"

muchas gracias cuando vi que estabas calcando el port aventura y la manera que lo haces dije que genio jeje. sique asi.!!!!!!!![guay]
Today the poster of "The Devil" is modified, also the entrance gate is made to China, it is built The tail area and the entrance of Hurakan Condor and installs and thematizes "The Feathered Octopus" "La serpiente emplumada"

Change of the sign of "El Diablo"

Gateway to China

Entrance to Hurakán Condor

Queue area of the "El Secreto de los Mayas" and Hurakan Condor queue building

Progress on the Silver River Flume fences as they are set in reality

"La Serpiente emplumada" is installed and thematized
Just WOW.

It's been a while since I last went to Port Aventura, maybe 6 years, but from what I remember, you really are giving a lot of detail and it totally looks like the original!

Good job!
It advances in the area of "The Hacienda" realizing "TAXCO" with its salamander included. Above you can see the photo of the recreation and below the reality. Also the exterior of the restaurant "La Cantina" is realized and the second port is built that we are if we go from Far West to Mexico.

Recreation vs Real

La Cantina

Gateway to Mexico

PA Overview
The zone of Mexico is finished (in absence of the "Temple of the Fire"). It concludes "The Hacienda" and the surrounding area. In addition, street lamps, advertising posters and signs indicating directions are added.
Finally, the "La Cantina" is moved further behind to provide more space for the temple of fire and this way the part of the entrance is modified, leaving it more similar to the real one. Also the stage that is next to the Cantina is built.

Area of "La Hacienda"

Vial of Mexico

La Cantina and the stage

China Streetlights

China address books

Express and other posters in the Dragon Khan area
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The Far West begins with the recreation of Stampida and Tomahawk. Of this last coaster has already been made the station and the queue zone. In addition is realized the area where is "Vultrix", the cemetery and "Horror in Penitence".

General view

Vultrix and cementery




Horror in penitence
PortAventura has 5 themed areas. China, Mexico, Far West, Mediterranean and Polynesia. I already did half of China, the zone of Mexico already is realized and now I am realizing the Far West.

The far west has two main wooden coasters called Stampida, divided into blue and red. There is also a smaller wooden coaster for children called Tomahawk.

Then I leave you photos of what has been done so far compared to the real park.

Far West area with "Penitence School" on the left and "Blacksmith's Labyrinth" on the right

The cemetery area, also located in Far West

Horror in penitence

On ride view of "Silver River Flume". The real image is autumn, with trees with few leaves

La Hacienda, the area that links Mexico with Far west

A vial from Mexico

Hurakan Condor entrance

"El Diablo" entrance

The entry to China from Mexico

China Square with views of Shambhala and Dragon Khan
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