Quick-Guide to Guardian Fighters

Here is my quick all in one Guide to Guardian-Fighters:

Step 1:
Take an Exploration Ship, put a Beam-Weapon on it. (Other Weapons might also work, personally I used my Ship-Launched-Fighter to charge) - I recommend you also put as many Point-Defense-Turrets on it as you can fit.

Step 2:
Fly to NGC 2451A Sector LX-U D2-25
There will be a "Guardian Beacon" in the System, immediately visible as soon as you come out of Hyperspace. Check Locations in Left-Panel.

Step 3:
Go there and charge the 3 Pylons using your Weapon of choice. (I hope you brought one)
Collect the Guardian Key. (It's a cargo Item like Relic)
Repeat that Process 3x, so you end up with 3 Keys.

Step 4:
Fly to NGC 2451A Sector VJ-R C4-22
There will be a "Guardian Structure" on the A1 Planet.

Step 5:
Land your Ship on Site, do not Dismiss it, put Power into Shields and Weapons.

Step 6:
Enter your SRV, charge all Energy Pylons on Site.
Reference Picture:
Step 7:
Drop the Guardian Key at the position of the SRV. (Between the 2 Pylons at front; big X on the Ground)
It will be absorbed.

Step 8:
Scan the blue Orb.

Step 9:
Repeat the Process 3x, so you end up with enough Data for all 3 Fighters.

Notes :
On Site you will encounter Hostiles. They shouldn't be a Problem. Your Ship Point-Defense will shoot down their Missiles.
Make sure to bring SRV-Ammo refills.
Collect the Components the Guardian Fighters drop. Repeat until you have enough for all 3 Fighters.
You can also shoot the Panels on Site open to collect even more components.
Check https://inara.cz/galaxy-techbroker/ for Details on requirements.
Winging up can speed the site part up considerably, as once it's clear of sentinels you can each scan the orb once before needing to relog. Having one person in a SLF is also helpful as they can paint pylon locations and take out sentinels very quickly.
Better Instalation

I think the Guardian site proposed is not a very good one. I had a very difficult time finding one of the pylons. You should rather fly to Synuefe KU-F B44-4, scan the Guardian Beacon there, then fly to Synuefe EU-Q C21-15, Sun A, Planet 1. This Instalation, like the other one is visible right after you arrive in the system. Its setup is more simple though. As usual there are two pylons near the "altar" that spawns the scannable orb. This is situated on a large hill with a metal street right down to two more pylons, one behind the other. When you drive between them, both should extend. thereafter you should go looking for the last two pylons. if you look down at the more remote pylon, turn about 140° to either side, you should find the pylons on hills (one per side), that do not seem special. On the other hand you will certainly hear the sound of the pylons moving out of the ground, this will show you, it came up close to you. Be sure to listen to this sound, it could also come from a guardian drone, digging out of the ground (as usual). You can do the rest completely as proposed in the original post. Oh, I had nearly forgotten to tell you that extending all the pylons and then later activating them will reduce the chance of getting delayed by numerous sentnels or by not finding the pylons. But you probably have thought of that on your own. And don't forget to bring the ancient key.

By the way, there are at least two good videos on YouTube showing this location and the way to activate the site.

Answering a few of the questions asked before this post:
- There are six pylons here like on the other installions, and I have no idea how many obelisks are scannable. Anyway, it might be a better idea to fly to one of the first stations that we were sent to scan for data about the guardians, there are (at some installatioms) whole rows obelisks, just turn of the lights and the light of the obelisks will tell you, you are passing it. ;)
- In my oppinion it is not neccessary to bring a whole team to get the data here, although it makes fighting the sentinels easier.
- And a question, that was not yet asked, but might be important anyway: Yes there is just one "ancient key", the key from every beacon will fit for any installation where you use it. Yes they are one-use keys, the guardians seem not to have cared for the environment. ;) Well, for the two sites I tried it works, but I guess it will always work.

Sorry, I am not very good at drawing plans, but I will give you the coordinates of the six pylons below the text. It is not very much fun to locate them via this method, but it works.

Altar pylons:
37.8107 x -111.6057
37.8104 x -111.6039
Base pylons:
37.1900 x -111.6100
37.7987 x -111.6108
Side pylons:
37.7977 x -111.6048
37.7987 x -111.6108

These coordinates should bring you right in front of the pylons.
How many pylons are there?
Also how many obelisks are scanable?

As per Zazzerpan's map (which I've modified a little - I hope Zazzerpan doesn't mind), there are six pylons.


I believe you have to "trigger" the two pylons on the right (closest to the data terminal) to rise first, before any of the other four will rise.

I found four scannable obelisks. Though this guide places more emphasis on acquiring the guardian vessel blueprint segment, I've included the "requirements" of the obelisks as well as the locations of some artifacts which may prove useful (though I can't for the life of me find that second and final orb!).

Each time the instance is started (each time you "load" the game from the main menu), all resources, sentinels, structures and materials are reset to their original state, as though you're visiting the site for the first time.

In addition, the data types "contained" by each obelisk are randomised in accordance with the rarity of the data types. The rarity of each type is as follows:

Pattern Alpha Obelisk Data: Standard (3 out of 5 rarity)
Pattern Beta Obelisk Data: Common (2 out of 5 rarity) - Used for the XG7 "Trident" fighter
Pattern Delta Obelisk Data: Rare (4 out of 5 rarity)
Pattern Epsilon Obelisk Data: Rare (4 out of 5 rarity) - Used for all three fighters
Pattern Gamma Obelisk Data: Very Common (1 out of 5 rarity)

The obelisks are far enough away from the pylons you can skirt the periphery of the site without having to go anywhere near the pylons, and therefore you can avoid spawning guardian sentinels. Handy if you want to farm data without getting shot at. If you're here to pick up artefacts and scan for guardian society data for Ram Tah, you may trigger guardian spawns while retreiving the artefacts.

To unlock all three Guardian Fighters (which is what I'm aiming for), you will need the following data:

3x Guardian Vessel Blueprint Segment - Collectible from scanning the Ancient Data Terminal. Once activated, the terminal can be scanned for a blueprint segment once per instance. Upon loading an instance, it "resets" into its unscanned state.
18x Pattern Beta Obelisk Data - Collectible from scanning Active Obelisks
. The data type "contained" within the obelisk resets and may change upon changing instance, as described above.
78x Pattern Epsilon Obelisk Data
- Collectible from scanning Active Obelisks. The data type "contained" within the obelisk resets and may change upon changing instance, as described above.

And you'll need the following components. These components also respawn/reset upon loading the instance as described above.

18x Guardian Sentinel Weapon Parts
- Collectible from Guardian Sentinel wreckage
75x Guardian Power Cells
- Collectible from Guardian Sentinel wreckage and "leaning" pillars or other structures (contained behind the destructible panels, which can be shot off the pillars to make the cells fall to the ground)
18x Guardian Sentinel Wreckage Components -
Collectible from Guardian Sentinel wreckage
75x Guardian Technology Components
- Collectible from Guardian Sentinel wreckage and "leaning" pillars or other structures (contained behind the destructible panels, which can be shot off the pillars to make the components fall to the ground)

My pattern for dealing with the site is:

* Scan the bottom left obelisk
and then move past the two left pylons towards the top left obelisk. When the two sentinels spawn, I'll shoot them down and loot their parts, and then arrive at the top left obelisk.
* Scan the top left obelisk
* Scan the two right-hand obelisks
, starting with the left most, then the right.
* Approach the ancient data terminal to spawn the next group of sentinels, which I'll shoot down and loot.
* Power up the pylons starting with the two next to the data terminal, then the one in the upper middle, then the two on the left, then the one on the bottom near the relic tower that always spawns a sentinel (kill this "extra sentinel" before powering up the final pylon, unless you fancy fighting three sentinels at once).
* Fight the two sentinels that appear closest to me and loot them for shiny parts.
* Hunt and kill the two sentinels that hover around closer to the terminal and loot those for parts.
* Collect the ancient key from my ship (No sense keeping it in the SRV where it could get lost if I get destroyed)
* Drop the ancient key on the big X and scan the terminal cache.
* Fight the two new sentinels
and loot them for bits.
* You're done. Rinse and repeat.

A note about Guardian Sentinels:

Initially the map is mostly devoid of any resistance, but when you:

* Approach the data terminal
* Approach the "bottom most" relic tower
* Approach the area surrounding the two "left most" pylons...

...you run the risk of spawning at least one Guardian Sentinel to rise out of the ground. It'll be annoyed that its sleep has been disturbed, annoyed that its stuff is being messed with, and it'll be annoyed at you. Once the first sentinels have spawned, additional sentinels may begin to spawn elsewhere in the site, even in areas you have not yet visited.
When you first approach the ancient data terminal, four sentinels will spawn. Also, be aware that when you power up the sixth and final pylon, another four sentinels will spawn, and when you finally scan the ancient data terminal cache, another two sentinels will spawn.
Most of the sentinels are spawned in the area between the data terminal and the two "right-hand" (as they appear on the map) obelisks. Two will spawn in the area approximately between the two "left-hand" (as they appear on the map) pylons. A single sentinel will spawn next to the "bottom most" relic tower.

I found a total of thirteen sentinels in this site. The last appeared long after I'd scanned the terminal, while I was mapping the site (this 13th sentinel spawns consistently at the relic tower at the "bottom" of the map), so be wary and don't assume you've pacified the site.

Sentinels are dangerous up close, but this danger can be reduced a fair chunk by having your ship with its Point Defense systems nearby - even parked on the ground is fine as the point defense systems can cover pretty much the whole site. The SRV's shields do a decent job of absorbing the sentinels' weapons fire for a while, but each impact will "push" your SRV. It's not uncommon for successive hits to flip or roll your SRV, especially if you're on an incline, so mobility is key. If in doubt, speed away with four pips to shields, then turn and fight with four pips in weapons. Sentinels soak up a fair bit of punishment before they go down, but they seem to have a long "recharge" time between their bursts of fire.
Their attack pattern is nine (or so) bursts of two rounds each, in quick succession, then a pause. When you see the "air" around them starting to glow, they are preparing for a missile attack.
They will fire their missiles (which will - 95% of the time - be shot down instantly by your ship's point defense modules), and then continue floating around for a few moments more, before repeating the cycle.

Their combat AI is good, but not great. I've been able to pick sentinels off from up quite close, simply because they were headbutting the architecture. The trick with sentinels is to go into turret mode and just keep moving. If you don't fancy going toe to toe, you can stay at a distance and pick them off - sometimes they'll ignore you completely, and if they don't, you can still occasionally "trap" them on the architecture.
Keep an eye on your ammo because at some point you will need to reload, especially if you're going for all three blueprint segments in a single journey.


KITT's ancient brother says "hi".
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Here's a map I made:

Only first time, the orb data give's me the guardian segment. If I repeat this withouth login/logout another 2 times, I don't receive nothing.

I need to relog or go out the planet to reestart and get another segments?

PS: besides, I don't have the 2 keys needed. I need to know if this is the procedure before I'll get the other 2 keys, again.

Thanks for the guide anyway!

EDIT: Thanks to Arvel Yael for the datailed stuff. Now is more clear.
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Only first time, the orb data give's me the guardian segment. If I repeat this withouth login/logout another 2 times, I don't receive nothing.

I need to relog or go out the planet to reestart and get another segments?

PS: besides, I don't have the 2 keys needed. I need to know if this is the procedure before I'll get the other 2 keys, again.

Thanks for the guide anyway!

EDIT: Thanks to Arvel Yael for the datailed stuff. Now is more clear.

Glad to be of help.

To summarise, if you want three blueprint segments, you need three keys. You need to do the whole site from start to finish, three times. :cool:[up]

Note for obelisk data seekers: The NGC 2451A site is really not the best site around for obelisk data, being practically stuffed with sentinels, and only having four obelisks in total.

Synuefe XR-H D-11-102 1 B is quite good.

There are more obelisks here, and some of them even give out two types of data when scanned.

I went to Col 173 Sector QU-O D6-25 (body 5b) based on Cmdr Stealthie's recommendation, for obelisk data.
The ruins are much better than the structure sites for obelisk data.
Here's a funsie - rather than using Point Defense to shoot down Guardian Sentinel missiles, maneuver yourself so the Sentinels are under one of the overhanging structures. Stay close to them, use your SRV handbreak to minimize how much their crescent lasers can push you and wait. When the fire, the missile will impact the overhang, and destroy the Sentinel.

Laughter will ensue and you will do it again.
The title of this should be something like "Guide to unlocking Guardian Fighters". It's current title made me think it was a guide to the fighters once you have them.
Heres a Pylon overview from Synuefe IL-N C23-19

A lots of sentinels and to be honest, the kacke is to read 1000 different how-tos, page, cannon stuff just to unlock a blueprint for which you have to grind the hell outta ED with eta, alpha gamma stuff, things that just professors understand and then? You are still not able to kill a thargoid alone, because youre no superskilled freak.
This game is really just for hardcore fans, it could be so good, and so nice..

Just give us a mission, do that,fly there, kill so and so, do that, solve the puzzle, reward.. oh man, what a dream that is
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