Quick-Guide to Guardian Fighters

Thank you! I wish I was one of the lucky who jumped on the Guardian update when it first launched. Back then you could get Guardian Vessel blueprints from an Obelisk that was handing them out. Naturally, Fdev jumped on that one lol...patched it just before I was getting back to Elite.
finally done these. Some tips:
  1. A DBX (or smaller, presumably) can land right next to the data terminal, near the outside corner of the little embankment to the east (below on the map posted earlier).
  2. If your ship has dumbfires and is parked close by, you can drive up to the terminal until the sentinels spawn, then do a 180 and get back into your ship before they have time to really do much to you. Bombing them from the air is way faster and easier than trying to take on four sentinels at once from the SRV. If you save the two pylons next to the terminal for last, you can do the same thing there.
  3. The pylon on the bottom left of the map can be activated without triggering the sentinel if you go around and approach it from the back.
Better Instalation

I think the Guardian site proposed is not a very good one. I had a very difficult time finding one of the pylons. You should rather fly to Synuefe KU-F B44-4, scan the Guardian Beacon there, then fly to Synuefe EU-Q C21-15, Sun A, Planet 1. This Instalation, like the other one is visible right after you arrive in the system. Its setup is more simple though. As usual there are two pylons near the "altar" that spawns the scannable orb. This is situated on a large hill with a metal street right down to two more pylons, one behind the other. When you drive between them, both should extend. thereafter you should go looking for the last two pylons. if you look down at the more remote pylon, turn about 140° to either side, you should find the pylons on hills (one per side), that do not seem special. On the other hand you will certainly hear the sound of the pylons moving out of the ground, this will show you, it came up close to you. Be sure to listen to this sound, it could also come from a guardian drone, digging out of the ground (as usual). You can do the rest completely as proposed in the original post. Oh, I had nearly forgotten to tell you that extending all the pylons and then later activating them will reduce the chance of getting delayed by numerous sentnels or by not finding the pylons. But you probably have thought of that on your own. And don't forget to bring the ancient key.

By the way, there are at least two good videos on YouTube showing this location and the way to activate the site.

Answering a few of the questions asked before this post:
  • There are six pylons here like on the other installions, and I have no idea how many obelisks are scannable. Anyway, it might be a better idea to fly to one of the first stations that we were sent to scan for data about the guardians, there are (at some installatioms) whole rows obelisks, just turn of the lights and the light of the obelisks will tell you, you are passing it. ;)
  • In my oppinion it is not neccessary to bring a whole team to get the data here, although it makes fighting the sentinels easier.
  • And a question, that was not yet asked, but might be important anyway: Yes there is just one "ancient key", the key from every beacon will fit for any installation where you use it. Yes they are one-use keys, the guardians seem not to have cared for the environment. ;) Well, for the two sites I tried it works, but I guess it will always work.

Sorry, I am not very good at drawing plans, but I will give you the coordinates of the six pylons below the text. It is not very much fun to locate them via this method, but it works.

Altar pylons:
37.8107 x -111.6057
37.8104 x -111.6039
Base pylons:
37.1900 x -111.6100
37.7987 x -111.6108
Side pylons:
37.7977 x -111.6048
37.7987 x -111.6108

These coordinates should bring you right in front of the pylons.
Is this an always night time site or daylight?
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