Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park


Continuing down the walkway, we have a refreshments stand on the right. The stone path covering is pieces from the 'Ruine' pack by blackmanshadow sunk into the ground.

Turning down the back alley to get to the queue for Soaring Eagles, we have a pizza place on the right (Adventure Outpost: Pizza Pen by Stopdaan).

The queue goes through and around "Caribbean / tropical house by OxidizedLady"

I had to make some modifications to it to make the queue path fit and go through the garden in the back and up through the building.
Taking a step back for a little bit as I finally have the Crocodile Creek videos completed.
Here is a "from above" video ride-through.
So many small details. It is really fun to follow the logflume and so much to discover within each picture.
And when one is done with that there is still the harmonized colours. Very eyepleasing in my opinion.
OK - moving back to looking around the rest of Harambe.
Here is the power grid for this part of the park, (aritario's Electric Pole with Transformers by aritario and Electrical Transformer by Romeo.34)
In the background is the Truck Stop (Jungle Chief Beef Food Truck by Sdanwolf)

I made the faux building in the this shot to hide the queue for the flat ride. the market stall is 'Small Market Stall by mbrady7'

I feel like I keep repeating myself wowman, but honestly I have no other words than "Wow, your park is awesome".
I love dropping in to see what you have done since I was hear last.
I will be back soon :)
Wow - THX again for all the kind words.

Here is a closer look at this building, which again serves as a queue cover and sort of ride skin for the Harambe Hupiga (Whirl).

The back courtyard holds the ride

Postcard for the ride
In the back corner of this land is a kids playground area...courtesy of 'Koali Beach - Playground & Bar by Silv'

this whole section of the land
Renee Feu would be proud of you! The great thing is whenever I drop in here in the forums, there are new pics of your fantastic project!
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