Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Sorry for the delayed posts on this park. Built a new PC and still trying to get everything up and working. Haven't had much play time lately.

Here are a few more night shots of this land

Over a year and still going, I admire your dedication! 😮 I wish I'd get back into playing one of these days :cautious:

Does the park still run at a decent framerate?
on my old pc it was at 1-3 FPS...just horrible. I just rebuilt a new one and its running way better. Still not fluid. When I first checked it was 9-13 fps...still not great, but way easier to work with compared to what I was dealing with. I will check again today and see where I'm at.
Here are a couple night shots of the entire Africa area (built so far). Includes Harambe, The Congo, and The Serengeti areas.

Starting to wrap up the main Africa section of the park.
Here is a walk around this area to see what it would be like in the park.
Congratulations, what a beautiful park.
Nice overviews that allow to realize the work already done.
I will continue to follow his progress.
Here is what I have completed to date and how/where it fits into the whole park.

And here is the current plan of what the part will look like
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