Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Moving onto Nepal. This land is mostly inspired by two things. The Nepal portion of the First Indiana Jones film, and The Nepal section of DAK.
Here is my first crude drawing of what I planed for this land.
I added a few colors to help explain how my mind works.
-Gray comment in upper left: this was noting that I needed to research DAK (Disney's Animal Kingdom). Looking on line to get building architecture, etc.
-Purple comment in the upper right indicated that I thought this might be Tibet originally, then changed it to Nepal.
-Pink is the centerpiece of the land...a snow capped mountain...
-Yellow: the Mt. would house a coaster of sorts zipping in and out of the rock work. The light blue note was a possible name of Raven's Claw for the coaster...and as you will se later, this ended up being called Raven's Wing.
- Green - The Raven. A restaurant inspired by the tavern of the same name in the Indiana Jones movie. This would serve a dual purpose as the queue for the coaster as well. The note in red indicated to research the look of the tavern from the movie.
-various colors along the bottom are the plan to have prayer flags placed throughout the land as decor.
Here is a second concept drawing I did for this land.

In this one you can still see the main plan of having a mountain (in pink), with a coaster in and on it (green lines on mountain).

The darker green building is the Raven restaurant and load station for the coaster, but the addition here with this angle is that there is a Kathmandu type street (in blue) that leads through the heart of the land with the Raven at the end of the street. While the final results swayed a bit from this concept - - it turned out really really close to this as you will see later.

The darker pink circle on the mountain is the temple lift flat ride...I wanted to incorporate this into the terrain of the mountain somehow.

Some of my other notes indicate that the back side of the mountain (that will face Egypt) will be more plain and flat, that I want to add a gondola station that will go to another part of the park (you will see I added this, but have it starting in what will be the Egypt area, but passing through the edge of the mountain and this land), and that the land will be a sort of raised island (to help with the mountain/higher elevation illusion) with the pathway circling the outer edges.

Here is what this land looked like early on the build. I first raised the 'island' to meet my plan, mentioned above, to have a raised area with cliff-like edges around. this is really early in the process before any fine tuning terrain work was done.

Then I started adding a planned path route (that also does get fine tuned as the land takes shape). You can also I see I started to place some structures to get the general feel of what this will look like. In this shot the beginnings of the market street are placed, the main building for the Raven, and a few other random buildings.
So the next thing I did was start to place flat rides (to get a general location of where they will be and to make sure spacing works out ok). Then I placed a few more pieces of scenery and a few more buildings. I also started building the coaster and added the gondola ride, again starting it in the Egypt area and just have it pass through what will be the mountain edge. I also added a few more feeder paths to this land.

And then I move the flat rides a round a bit to fit them (and the queue) in better. Here you can see I started the terrain building around the coaster as well.
Beautiful organization: it is a good spatial planning of the whole island.
A new island that takes a nice turn. (y)
Thanks for sharing. Well done and continue as well.
I will take inspiration and try to plan in advance the spaces of my Assassin's Creed Park.
Then we move into the phase where more details are finished. Here the mountain is more still needs all the final painting and fine tune manipluation, but this is real close to what the final land formatting will end up looking like.

More buildings are added and the flat ride positions are adjusted as well. Also, some of the scenery details are starting to take shape.

I do jump around a lot from section to section in this stage to keep the overall plan in place and to make sure anything I do will not totally wipe out something else.
Then as I start to add details, I break the area down into way smaller sections to fully work on the market street, then the back of the street, then the bridges to the land, then the area around the flat rides...etc.
And here is what the finished land looks like. All the land painting is completed, the terrain details are put in, all the plants and detailed scenery items are also finished.

Lets start to take a closer look.
There are basically 3 main entries to this land/island from other areas of the park.
First we have a bridge coming from the Sub-Continent (yet to be built) part of the park. Here is what that entry looks like.

Coming over from the SE Asia (yet to be built) part of the park is this bridge and entry building.
So once you cross that bridge the path heads up into the base of Mt. Raven where there is an entrance to an icy cave.

But...before we enter the cave, lets turn around and look back at what you see when heading out of this area...Africa. the bridge we just crossed is to the right, and to the left is the bridge to Egypt, which is under construction right now.
And here is inside the ice cave where you will find the Yeti Ice Party. A whip flat ride on ice, with dance lights and music playing.

That's so cool, (see what I did there?). I love the whole entrance with the rock arching over it. The cave is beautifully designed and the lighting is perfect. Love it.
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