sense of scale in VR and a burried IPD variable

For the record, the IPD setting on rift s works just like this one would in the game software. Since it doesn’t move the lenses, it’s just changing how much separation the render used to displace each eye. So it really is a direct “scale” adjust for the depth of the 3D.
That’s why I think it may overlap (override) this game setting. Some headsets probably don’t have this software setting. Possibly ones that have actual mechanical IPD setting that’s actually moving the lenses. Maybe that’s why some see this actually changing things.
I am well aware of how the Rift S IPD works, I used software based IPD on my DK1/DK2 on the older Oculus runtimes (I wouldn't go back to it personally, despite having a IPD of ~65). This is why I say you would be pretty much stuffed if you wanted to falsify your IPD on the software side, due to how the Oculus software now works it is more difficult to do for starters, even with a CV1, but it was possible with that device. I did it to mine via some hex hacks but with the CV1 you had the hardware adjustment to offset the changes you made via hack to retain eye comfort, with the "S" you do not have that luxury. As I said in my previous post, IPD offsets via software are no replacement for what the games needs - a world scale slider in the options menu...

Now of course you can increase scale by lowering your IPD settings in the Oculus or WMR software for devices without physical IPD adjustment (as per govny's post), but you'll be doing so at the cost of visual comfort and will likely strain your eyes. I have no idea what your IPD is but if you lower it by say 4 or 5 in the Oculus software you'll see the increase in scale first hand (and likely some discomfort), especially in Elite where scale is particularly apparent on the pilots body.

Don't think I'm attacking the Rift S here, I'm not. It's a great entry level / mid tier bit of kit. Sure it has some downfalls but some great features for the money also. I also love the Oculus software, believe me I'd rather use an Oculus supported device any day of the week, they just do not offer what I want out of a HMD any more.

The Elite Dangerous ini files, and the depreciated IPD settings contained within them, do absolutely nothing. It was discussed at great length in this thread and the many which came before it. They're likely left overs from the DK1/DK2 days of VR support in this game and nothing more.
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I always thought the planets looked small because of the textures. They look small even when I look at videos. They don't look small in SC because there's more detail in the textures and (I forgot what it's called when the textures change as you get closer) but as you get closer you get more texture updates so you feel like you're approaching something massive.

I don't know anything about how this works. I'm also curious. The ships look big. I haven't really considered my virtual body.
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