Show us your interesting discoveries!

I am also in the camp of loving to find Hot Jupiter style planets. Personally I find them most impressive when they are less than 10 ls from their parent star, and of course the most visually impressive ones are the ones with rings.

This here is Eoch Pruae YV-D d12-1743 1, orbiting 9.15 ls from its parent class F star, which makes for a period of 0.8 days. The planet has 1,393 Earth masses.

The record for shortest orbital period I've discovered so far goes to Nyeajoa NN-T d3-6 C 1, orbiting a G class star with an oribital period of just 0.3 days.

The prize for shortest distance to its parent star goes to Byua Chrea KE-X b42-6 A 1, orbiting an M class star at a distance of just 2.51 ls, with the planet being a respectable 971 Earth masses. It takes a leisurely 0.5 days for a single orbit. For some reason I only took a screenshot of the system map, so I'm not showing the planet here.

EDIT: unfortunately none of these systems are in ESDM because I discovered them before the ESDM console updater was a thing.
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Just a quick question: When you talk about "Jovian" do you use that in a general sense for all gas giants or only class I? When I posted my shot a few pages ago I did not pay attention to that, but when I later read the descriptions I saw that strictly speaking only class I giants are "Jovians". What's your take on this?
Just a quick question: When you talk about "Jovian" do you use that in a general sense for all gas giants or only class I? When I posted my shot a few pages ago I did not pay attention to that, but when I later read the descriptions I saw that strictly speaking only class I giants are "Jovians". What's your take on this?
All the ones I've found in the game are class V, so technically calling them Jupiters might not be very accurate. In my mind I just tend to think "gas giant" and the reason I'm keeping them in a folder labelled "Hot Jupiters" is just because that's a term from real-life astronomy.
This one I almost passed by, as the area I was in then had a series of dwarf companions to the main star and the view was really nothing new. At first. Then I noticed the planet in close orbit of the companion dwarf. It is a large HMC in very close orbit. The third star in the system likewise had a closely orbiting large rocky (I think) planet. And that was all the planets in that system...


:D S
I found an ELM orbiting a lava planet, but unfortunately the view was a bit rubbish as it was ~3ls away and the lava planet was quite dark. I still think it's a cool find though - does anyone think it would be of interest to, say, the Galactic Mapping Project?
My first real Guardian encounter. Being I was out in the area, and I saw some mention of the system, I dropped in to check it out. Spooky stuff. I landed in what I thought was a good place, central to the ruins. When I hopped into my SRV, I heard this 'earthquake'... I had no idea what was happening. As I drove out and around, I discovered that I'd been skewered!

While it didn't do any damage to my ship, it did toss me about quite a bit on takeoff. I'll suppose this could have ended a lot worse.

Talk about dropping into the middle of things; When I jumped into this system I landed right in between the binary pair you see in the picture. It got toasty real quick. After popping a heat sink and cruising out of range, I turned around to take a look.

I'll just post all the things I found noteworthy on my first trip so far, including some maybe-not-so-interesting things.

Strange moons:


The weird part about those two is, that their orbit lines are really close to each other (sorry for not capturing them). And they're also really close to each other, like the outer one is essentially "hunting" the smaller one. I'm not sure if this is possible? They didn't seem to be far enough apart to sit on the correct lagrange points for this to be stable, but maybe I'm wrong.

Two moons in very close orbit around each other and together in a pretty close orbit around their star (This isn't super rare I guess, but it just looks cool I think):


Ringed Earth-like world and sole satellite around a Neutron star. I don't have a screenshot of the map, but it's in [Hypoae Scrua EH-M d7-2661]:


Ringed class M star. I've posted this in another thread already, but I guess it fits in here. No system map screenshot either. It's in [Greae Flyi AA-A h31]:



And this is a Wolf-Rayet star dancing with a huge class B star, making the WR look really tiny. Both orbit around a common barycenter with another heavy class O star that you cannot see on the screenshot. The system is [Pro Chraei AA-A h0].

Class O: 102.55 M, 46.7 R
Class B: 61.5M, 436.5 R
Class WC: 53.23M, 9.4R


The next one made me giggle. All I wanted was a close-up of an Earth-like world, and this isn't even a good one at all. But looking at the surface I thought "Aah, this is what Europe's gonna look like in a few decades". ;)


Also: The World of Death. Well-known, clearly not my own discovery and probably not worth yet another set of screenshots, but oh well... Here we are, landed on that rock "shieldless & flawless", which has become my planetary landing motto after dying on a high g world before (due to beer and stupidity):



What I can say is: It's truly awesome. You land, then you just sit there all alone in your SRV, listening to some chill music to calm you down while watching the aurora-like lightshow that the jet cones create in the sky. At that point I really felt like.. just leaning back and relaxing... But don't fall asleep there, because when the flyby starts, things move really fast! And you can see space warp around the dwarf star very clearly too. Anybody who visits the galactic centre should definitely visit the World of Death, it's a great experience, even if it takes some time... I had to wait for a timeslot to attempt my landing, then I had to sit on the planet for more than an hour and all, but it's worth it!

Found a similar world orbiting around a Neutron star, with a very eccentric orbit right through the jets, but alas, it was not landable. Too bad. ;)

And finally, while travelling through the outer arm I got really, really bored, so I played around with a moon and a sun. I wanted to get the perfect picture while landed, but I couldn't get it right, so here's the better one while still flying, a solar eclipse:


I know that's not rare, anyone can do that anytime, but it looks nice, so yeah. ;)
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