Show us your interesting discoveries!

Here are some of my career highlights so far.

Attempting an interstellar supercruise to Alioth in a Viper back in early 3301 and making it back out again without losing the ship...

Finding a black hole, white dwarf, and neutron star system with water worlds with life on my way to Sgr A back in 3301...

I didn't make this video; actually found it not all that long ago doing a Google search...


Finding a PG nebula I tagged on that same trek as well...

Finding the longest and second longest jump ranges needed to reach the Crab Nebula during the Crab Nebula Expedition of 3302 – coincidentally, since I generally don't use jumponium in the game, I only had just enough materials to make it there and back out again...

Helping out with the Repair Jaques Station CG, which is where I get my signature pic from...

Finding a ringed ELW I tagged during an exploration passenger mission toward Colonia that two other Commanders that also have tags in the system somehow missed...

Finding a few binary ELW systems on my way out to and back from the Skull and Crossbones Nebula in my combat loaded Vulture exploration ship...

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A terraformable with 100% SO2 atmosphere? Surely not ! (It's the dark brown planet pointed to by the blue cursor)
I've just found another dark brown planet with 100% S02 that is labelled as terraformable. I guess they are quite common and I've never looked at them before.

Somehow, I can't see humanity wanting to waste time with these when it has so many other delightful almost-there terraformables to convert.
Somehow, I can't see humanity wanting to waste time with these when it has so many other delightful almost-there terraformables to convert.
Which is why the terrarformable bonus from UC has that pesky multiplier on it. I bet it'll be low for these planets.
Latest finds from current trip.

Neutron and White Dwarf bookends for Red Giant.

Double Black Hole and Neutrons system.

First time I have ever seen this pairing. Neutron in close proximity to A class star.

The system also has a nice size Water world around a ringed Y class star.

And finally a bunch of espace pods 25,000ly out from the bubble.
No cargo racks so there they remain....
Somewhere about 3,000ly above Sag A at this time.

S class with M star in decent proximity for a nice shot. Really puts things into perspective when you see these larger bodies up close.

Neutron and White Dwarf. Not that unusual except has class K and M and M and L stars closely grouped for that hard to find the four star shot.

Neutron with twin Ringed Water World pairing.

Last item of any note from this trip.
Triple Black Hole system which even more interestingly was within a few hundred light years of a similar triple system which had already been discovered.

Now back at Shinrarta Dezhra awaiting updates....
A few of gas giants in systems with a Black Hole primary (and indeed only).

This was from my very early days. I can't recall where it was. It is a bit hard to see, but the gas giant has rings, then some moons orbiting, and then much larger, fainter rings around it and the moons.

One of my most breathtaking finds was near the rosette nebula, rosette sector rd-s b4-0. An earth-like with a triple sunrise, (A close trio of bright M-class) with the backdrop of a nebula to further beautify.

It's already unusual to find an earth-like around an M-class, but this one took the prize.

Here is an ammonia based gas giant with 3 rings and two inner moons, which I've found yesterday. I don't know if they are ring shepherds, like the ring shepherd Pan of Saturn. I don't even know whether ring shepherds exists in ED. Anyways, I thought it is interesting enough to post it here.

Gas Giant with ammonia based life and two inner moons

System-Map of Ooscs Freau ZY-S d3-1486

Fly/land safe

CMDR Steyla
Out in the middle of a random course plot, I hit two neutron stars in rapid succession that had ELWs without secondary stars. That is, I jumped from one, and found the other in the next system.

In another random course plot, I had my first real accidental crossing of my own path in quite some time. Seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, at a fairly random altitude from the galactic plane. It's a neutron star, so the probability is higher with neutron boosting enabled, but still a bit of a surprise when this happens, since I try to avoid this sort of thing. :)

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