Community Event / Creation Speedbowl IV - New Grounds - 21/22 November 3306 - Hypersonic gravity assisted racing is back!

Well switched to hauler and have to say it is a little more stable. Got within 3km of target at 3100 m/s and did not crash. This gives some hope. My only major goal here is to actually enter a valid run. This will be a moral victory if I can do this and I am most cool with that aim. Now I have actually managed to fly down at speeds between stupid and insane, I must bow my head in respect to any that do it. You are of course hopelessly insane, which then makes me question my own sanity. Oh well.
Well switched to hauler and have to say it is a little more stable.
There is a reason the Hauler is the original Speedbowl ship, back from 3304. And if you're within 3km of the target already, you will be able to post a valid run, I can promise you that right now!

In the meantime, my own demonstration run is pretty much just as off-target, but it will still make for a good video!
Can't see how close to the target that was, but everything else looks pretty good. With good engines and a focused power distributor you might even save that one! 👍
And of course, I had to go and do a proper run myself, just to see how hard it actually is.

I think getting a valid run in is much easier than the previous instalments - but finding every last m/s of speed in that run, that will be the hard part!

My very first attempt, nothing record breaking but more or less a success - except I think that Cobra bobblehead's gonna have to go!

However, a word of warning to all Speedbowlers. Make sure the Lithobrake is the last carrier you land at before you go out on a run!
Alas I lost the Mamba to gravity while not paying attention (I was Alt-tabbed getting the above screenshot). Anyway, it seems the last carrier I visited in the system wasn't the Lithobrake (I blame @PrimetimeCasual for not having Universal Cartographics on board) and the one I had been to had decided to move.

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