1. MalForTheWin

    Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Back to Pareco (Magic 8-Ball Championship, Race 1)

    Welcome to Back to Pareco! Like the original, Full Throttle at Pareco, this is a Buckyball time-trial race. It's also the first of eight fan-favorite races in a series - the Magic 8-Ball Championship - to determine who is the biggest, baddest, buckyball-iest racer in the entire galaxy. RACE...
  2. GetOffMyLawn

    I found an amazing canyon racetrack!

    I don't know who else loves a good canyon run but I've spent the last half hour running this track in my fighter. Amazing place if you like canyon running and quite close to the bubble! It's too good not to share with ya'll! Outopps JI-B d13-26 C 2 a
  3. PrimetimeCasual

    Community Event / Creation Speedbowl IV - New Grounds - 21/22 November 3306 - Hypersonic gravity assisted racing is back!

    PrimetimeCasual presents Speedbowl IV - New Grounds Approved by the GSA Powered by EDSM.net Sponsored by BPMC Event artwork by CMDR Rheeney Original artwork by Allcrowsareblack What is a Speedbowl and why should I care? Speedbowl I was conceived out of CMDR PrimetimeCasuals find that...
  4. Joe-Gillian

    The races, official gameplay

    Hello Cmdr 0? Suggestion of official gameplay for races in CQC or in the Universe. With the rings as in the tutorial for beginners who are learning how to manoeuvre. I am well aware that the subject has already had to be raised. But I'm new, and I haven't noticed any change in the game so far...
  5. [VR] Goooost

    Jettisoned cargo deployable assets for temporary racetracks.

    Players have been racing through the game's stations, canyons and belts from the beginning. They've formed independent racing guilds and kept the sport alive despite limited support. Separately, FDev has created holographic assets such as speed boosts, arrows, and checkpoints which can be...
  6. E

    Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: Signs of Life (9th May to 17th May 3306)

    The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Signs Of Life The Buckyball Racing Club website: http://www.buckyballracing.org.uk The Buckyball Racing Club Discord server: https://discord.gg/YwxcsCf The Signs Of Life race involves visiting as many different locations where life of one sort or another can...
  7. Dr. Nagi

    Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: A Halpy Hand (11th Jan - 19th Jan, 3306)

    Thanks to CMDR Alec Turner for the banner Description The Hull Seals are an organisation dedicated to help people who damaged their hulls, similar to the Fuel Rats, just with other limpets. Nearing the anniversary of the Seal's creation, it's time to celebrate it with a nerve-wrecking...
  8. [VR] Goooost

    Are new paintjobs a teaser?

    As many of you have seen frontier has released official "racing pack" paintjobs on the store: Right after releasing an update that has a feature that could be easily turned into a racetrack. Myself and others have seen the potential for putting more of the training course tracks throughout...
  9. [VR] Goooost

    Turn the Training Course into a racetrack with high scores as a matter of public record.

    Turn the Training Course into a racetrack with high scores as a matter of public record. These scores can be recorded just like first discoveries, showing the top 100 (1 per commander per category) with categories for ship type (including ships that you have to painstakingly cram through the...
  10. Arkansand

    Community Event / Creation Paladin Consortium Racing Tour - 'Sandy Ring Raceway'

    After many delays, it's finally time for the last event in the Paladin Racing Tour! We'll end this season with an SRV race on the legendary Sandy Ring Raceway. The race will consist of two heats; solo and team, with a reward of 250 tons of painite for the winner of each. (Team reward will be...
  11. Cosmo

    New Tutorials have Checkpoints, but why not Players? Custom Racing

    The new tutorials have cool checkpoints. This is an often requested feature, because it enables custom race tracks. Players could place checkpoints in a certain area and race with a wing. This would improve emergent gameplay. So why doesn't Frontier add this? Add some pre-made race tracks in...
  12. Graabeerd

    It's NECK to NECK!

    It's a tight race ladies and gentlemen! Between the Imperials and the Federation a very tight race indeed with the Aliiance falling back to a distant third place! Never before has a race now so tightly contested has anything like this ever been seen! WHO will win in such a tight battle to claim...
  13. Hykelion

    Jurassic Race Track

    Hello there! After the previous livestream with Steggs & Chante regarding a community-made race track, I came up with this. 2 Race tracks in Nublar Sandbox. I won't spoil too much on whats on the track, but what I can say is: Track 1: There will be tight turns, bends, & some elevated areas...
  14. Morbad

    Could use some help assessing sites for a potential event

    Alright, so I'd like to organize a small canyon death-race event featuring the new Mamba and Krait Phanom ships for the last few days of the Beta, but I'm having difficulty scouting enough potential sites on my own. Ideally, I'd want a canyon that meets the following criteria: - Near the...
  15. Ascorbius

    Community Event / Creation Epic Type 9 Canyon Race on the 4th of Nov

    Hi Commanders, I don't normally post announcements in here but there's something a bit special happening and We want you to take part if you feel so inclined. On Sunday the 4th of November at 8pm GMT, We're racing Lakon Type 9's at full speed in a Canyon circuit on the wrinkly old world of...
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