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But crunch only matters if there is a well defined milestone/goal. It's done when it's done metality is a godsend to game developers.

I'm picturing a Ferris Buellers Day Off esq scenario where Chris comes a calling for a progress update and someone has a pre recorded message with furious typing on a keyboard samples on a loop. "Sorry I can't come to the door right now, I am in the middle of a code stomp for never been done before title Star Citizen by Chris Roberts and in my weakened condition could take a nasty spill down the stairs subjecting myself to further work absences". Ensue crazy movie where Chris Roberts is like the principal just trying to catch his coder sleeping or not working while working from home with corona. Probably be more fun than the game and Chris could play himself.
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Classic CIG: something that looks nice, but is a complete PITA to actually use.
The 'inner thought' piece of crap UI is what the problem is...what the hell was wrong with hotkeys for basic tasks like opening doors or picking stuff up I ask you? They could have just bound those functions to the 'f' key as a basic interact function or fold it into the player/ship inventory on a separate screen like everyone else does instead of writing an hour long movie script you have to scroll through to get there.
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Classic CIG: something that looks nice, but is a complete PITA to actually use.
Imagine doing that not once, but over and over and over...
In some places realism should give way to gameplay. Especially repetitive actions.
But apparently CI-G loves to repeat the same things as many iterations as it manages to pull.
And the hits keep coming...

At this stage my dear Doog - I think it's more likely CI-G will release a #1 pop music record than a game.

Mind you - with all the cash they supposedly have, their admittedly competent audio team, their vast swathes of mocap / video suites and the ebbing records market - that might be easier to achieve than might be thought.

"Mark Hamill ate my Idris" - might be the Handbag's true path to fame after all!
Here's a golden oldie to cheer all you backers up...

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