Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Back to Pareco (Magic 8-Ball Championship, Race 1)

Am I the only one who mentally chanted "Crown Asire Webb, Phillips Neville Garden, Crown Asire Webb, Phillips Neville Garden, Crown Asire...." for a couple minutes, and then just went with it? My techniques are slacking, I'm not the meticulous racer I once was...
That's what I did before (when practicing the original race). I have to say I stubbornly stuck with my bobbleheads this time around ('cos they is cool innit) but boy did they clutter up the Eagle's cockpit! :LOL:


Errr, where's my compass dot pointing now?
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Naah, no one would end up mad for such a minor thing, Alec is a fine chap, and repeating a bunch of names a few times surely wouldn't make me go ma-AASIRE-WEBB, PHILLIPS-NEVILLE GAAARDEEEN, CROOOWN AAASIRE-WEBB, PHILLIPS-NEVILLE GAAARDEEEN!!
As I can't sing and drive... I went the simplest I can. My CPU can't afford anything else.


Printed and sticked to the monitor
(The platforms scheme is to nice to be mine, so a recognition to the artist who I took it from)
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Back in the land of the living for a few days after my nightshifts, until the next batch this weekend.

Massive thanks to @MalForTheWin for running the event and keeping us up to date with the leaderboards throughout the week. Thanks too to @Alec Turner for reigniting the Buckyball flame and giving me an opportunity to join in at long last. Thanks to all the other competitors for making this a roaring success and pushing/supporting each other as well. Events like this show how very much alive Elite and its community still are.

@Fish172 @Draig Seren my sincere condolences. I hope the event has offered some distraction over the last week.

o7 Buckyballers.
Now that the race is finished and we are all knocking dents out of our ships and getting therapy I would just like to say well done all. One of the most attended events I have seen so far. For all you new racers I would just ask, please keep coming. Lets make this the greatest Bucky event ever! Does not matter what positions you finish in or even if you are last. Its about being part of something, and if you read the forums you can see that`s what we are. Probably mostly unstable misfits or simply nuts. But we are here having fun and getting away from the daily grind.

The race was brilliant MalForTheWin thank you.

The 8 ball is looking like it may end up being part of Elite folklore Alec if it continues like this. Oh and Shaye should still be banned on principal.

From my learning prospective I have managed two things. First I can fly faster if I try less. Isn`t that odd? Second is that even old dogs learn. I can now bark at the podium which is great.

Hats off to you all.
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Looking at the preliminary final results I surely got my butt kicked in unlimited. Still 19 is not to be sniffed at but three places, come on guys give a bloke a chance lolol
Seriously though well done.
Still got some points for the 8 ball at least I guess.
Welll, it's been a HECK of a race, and I'm happy to announce we have our winners!

1st place: Shaye Blackwood, 15 stops in 20:03
2nd place: Sgurr, 15 stops in 20:09
3rd place: Bruski, 15 stops in 20:36

1st place: Shaye Blackwood, 21 stops in 20:55
2nd place: Sgurr, 20 stops in 20:51
3rd place: Captain-MD, 19 stops in 20:00

NOTE: In the interest of fairness, please check the leaderboards and make sure your times are properly recorded.

In recognition of their exceptional piloting skills, the top three finishers in each class will be receiving prizes:

  • First place will get a Community Prize Pack courtesy of Frontier (paint jobs and decals), a $10 Steam Gift Card, and a Back to Pareco sticker and patch.
  • Second place will receive a $10 Steam Gift Card and a Back to Pareco sticker and patch.
  • Third place will receive a Back to Pareco sticker and patch.
I'll be reaching out to each of the top three finishers via PM this week to get them their prizes.

Congratulations again to our winners, and a huge o7 to all the participants! We hope to see you next month for Race #2, The Aquarian Job!

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I never would have imagined I'd see 38 people racing the regulation class in a Buckyball race. It warms my heart :) Hopefully most of them carry on the call over the coming months, because that could make things really interesting (although I may not enjoy judging Chicken Run as much...)

I really enjoyed coming back to Pareco, I always do, and it was great to be racing around here again. Although it was as incredibly frustrating knowing an even better run was just tantalisingly out of reach. It's been a great start to the series, thanks so much for organising and running the race Mal.

Now here's looking forward to The Aquarian Job...

Do I really mean looking forward 🤔
Thank you @MalForTheWin for hosting this race. It was certainly interesting, in an “oh god, we’re all gonna die” definition of the term. Missed this one the first time, so it was a new experience for me. It’s also interesting how a heavily armed, armored, and laden Cobra Mark III with modified 4A thrusters handles differently from a lightly armed and armored, mostly empty CM3 with stocked 4D thrusters, even if they have similar top speeds.

See you all at the reboot of the Aquarian Job!
No chanting station names in this house, thank you very much. I had a piece of paper with the names written down, another piece of paper with a map of the landing pads, my phone with a timer for 20m5s, to be started at T-5 seconds, and then after a few aborted runs another piece of paper that said
  1. Set destination Crown Orbital
  2. Start recording
  3. Show modules
  4. Cursor to launch
  5. Start phone timer
  6. Launch
  7. Gear up
  8. Boost
That had to work cos I'd no more room for bits of paper!

Anyway thanks to @Alec Turner for the crazy idea, @MalForTheWin for organising the madness; all the lunatics at the top of the leader boards for the inspiration, especially when they posted blooper videos to prove they're as human as us mere mortals; and everyone else that took part.

Best wishes to @Fish172, @Draig Seren and @AkenBosch, losing a parent is hell.

Thanks to @jspace for suggesting Shotcut as a video editor; it looks like it can do everything I need, and more besides.

And finally, congrats to @Draig Seren, after spending the week propping up the leader board, and then finally cracking 12 stops, and beating my time by ONE second! You utter, utter bar steward!! :D

All the best till next month, everybody.
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