The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Braking Badly (Swift-16 Championship, Race 6)

Friend requests sent. Hopefully to the right ones in Live and Legacy ;)

First bit of new PC arrived today: Windows 11 OEM disc. Everything else should be here tomorrow but it's been split into so many different orders I'm not quite sure any more. Meanwhile, construction of the race spreadsheet begins...
Question: you want a shot of the txn screen showing fines before docking at Hennen City. Does this imply that any fines I might collect while docking at Hennen City don't count?

I was thinking about the best time to do this and was leaning towards just before/after requesting docking permission.
That timing is what I had in mind yes. It’ll show any fines accrued on the way round (trespass, illegal cargo, collisions etc) and ignore any you might get during docking at Hennen.
Getting the shot before docking prevents anyone ‘accidentally’ paying them off once docked before taking a screen shot. Ideally I’d like to see Hennen City targeted in sys in the same pic.
Pit con done! (It was awesome)
Now in Spain for a few days, but I’ll be checking in here and on Discord (see link in first post)
I’ll be accepting new friend requests when I get home on Friday, then changing the access to the carrier to friends only, in readiness for Saturday.
See you in the bar, drinks are on the house ;)

Assuming I can remember everything I'm supposed to do...;)

Intent to attempt (cough).

Regulation: Bok Globule (still looking pristine after Pareco)


Unlimited: Serotonin Blues. (Took that sweet little Courier, hauled her round some engineers, gave her a paint job, a ship kit, and a new name!)

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The new computer is up and running after a few slight delays (thought I'd hit "Add to cart" for the motherboard on the first order, but apparently not) I'm just waiting for the speakers now so running through headphones. Playing ED has been a revelation: everything running so smoothly and things happening when I click instead of after a delay. The only downside is I won't be able to blame the computer for poor race times any more :D

I've installed EDCopilot so I'm being nagged to buy limpets everywhere I go - I read Alec's recommendation on another thread so this is all his fault ;)

Fleet carrier Pride of Yorkshire is now in orbit around LHS 1541 A1a and I've opened access to all so feel free to drop by and sign the visitor's book - just go easy on the barman as it's his first day on the job :)

I suppose now I'd better find time for a run round the course and do some race prep...
This is harder than it looks! First regulation run submitted; the route I chose was less than optimal, and there was a lot of fumbling around as I'm trying to get used to Odyssey bookmarks, but it's a place on the board.

Incidentally, are we having a biggest fines competition on the side? I've got one over 5000Cr but I'm sure @Fish172 will have beaten that on his way to jail :D
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