The Nexus Union. Friends, Family, Comrades.

The Nexus Union is a friendly independent player controlled faction based out of the Acurus System, situated on the forefront to unexplored space. We are dedicated to helping and training other commander’s in the game, striving to impart knowledge of being a pilot in the Elite Dangerous Universe.
We consist of an array of pilots from those fresh out of flight school to seasoned, Veteran Commanders, All ready to pass down our experiences and create new memories alongside our brothers in arms, We are based out of the Acurus System situated on the forefront to unexplored space.

We provide optional training camps (open to all pilots) to teach new skills, as well as refining old ones, Aswell as offering Combative, Exploratory and Financial training sessions.

Our collective goal is to work with our own pilots and the Elite Dangerous Community to provide a unique player experience and to change the perceived definition of what living amongst the stars truly means.

The Nexus Union is open to all kinds of pilots, ships, and play styles. We run CQC events, Thargoid Hunts, Bounty nights, Trade runs and furthermore We require no allegiances to the major powers. Your political standpoints are your own to choose.
We do not enforce mandatory attendance to any of our activities. But by joining our group, it shows that you are looking to learn new skills and share those abilities with the rest of the Universe.

We have dedicated and experienced pilots across all 3 platforms and are always looking for new talent, So, if you have what it takes and are looking for a group of like minded Commanders to face the perils of the galaxy alongside, look no further, You Commanders, have found your home.

Should you be interested simply visit our Discord channel and speak to one of our keen, friendly HR representatives!

Please be sure to visit our media links below to find out more information!

Remember Commanders,
Fortune favors the bold.
Fly safe and ill see you in the black! o7






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Nexus Recruitment.
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