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I am Nicou, leader of the Remlok Industries group and we are heavily involved in the Background Simulation.
Previously from the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, the BGS has always been something very exciting to me, there are so many data to play with, dangers to monitor and systems to manage!

Despite some bugs from time to time, the system reproduces a giant scale of global simulation. As more and more players are getting their hands in the BGS we are now in dire needs of tools - Some easier to prepare than others.
Here are our suggestions:

  • An alert about BGS updated - A tweet from @Frontier_Help, alerting the community that the tick has been processed. This would help us reboot the game in order to appreciate the latest changes and prepare our future plans.
  • A global update on the tiers websites like Inara, EDBoard and cie - We could then check the States in every systems, their Influences, the future Expansions and so on. At the moment it is updated manually by the players visiting the systems.
  • A fixed Tick schedule - We can't predict the tick at the moment, which is very bad for organization and our operations. We need a fixed tick at a given time. The previous one was at 12am UTC which was perfect. It's now around 11:30 - 2pm UTC. It has always changed depending on the updates, no more please.

I urge you to take this into consideration.
Please comment your thoughts and experience with the BGS and if you agree with these suggestions.

Share the thread in order to make a greater impact :)

Cheers :)
Totally with you.
The most annoying point is the third one.
We never know when a war begin (for exemple) and when it finish.
While I appreciate the sentiment of the OP, and I think #1 should be possible, I think #2 is hard, and #3 impossible. Or rather #3, even if technically feasible, would fix the tick time at annoying moments for someone depending on their time zone. You may think the 12AM UTC tick was great, but I hated it, as it put it at 3PM California time. So, even if fixed, at what time? And who will you decide to make unhappy.
I agree with the suggestions aswell.
But I perfectly understand the point of Mangal Oemie ; you'll make people unhappy whatever the time of the tick depending on the time zone unfortunately.
Anyway, the 2 first points are good enough to begin with.

Cmdr AncientSeal
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I don't think the tick 'tocks' in one go, it seems to update several layers of the BGS one after the other making things out of sync for an hour. Because of this I don't think its possible to have a definitive 'BGS tick' message.
Concerning #3 : a time slot fixed will help to anticipate and adapt. whatever the timezone, a knowed time will help us more than an random tick. Then, only #1 will help a lot for this point

#2 : i think it can be in a webservice ?! a dump ?! or a complete faction generated report in the game ?! there are a lot of solution (but need a feat. dev'). (this issue is my daily work IRL :D[big grin]:|[blah][knocked out] )
#1 - yes, please
#2 - states and minor faction influence are only available via system map for systems you have explored previously or are huge population systems. your implementation would break with that, making it available to everyone, which i personally don't like. i would like to see all info on a faction and the systems it is in bring present in its homesystem for exampel.
#3 well, for me the utc. midnight tick was a catastrophe as a bgs player, seriously cutting into me sleep-time to update tasks for those players in other time-zones. i think there is no good fix ticktime, but would suggest a 25 hours tick for the same reason.
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