Ships Type-10 Released!

Straight from Facebook post:

"The Alliance & Lakon Spaceways proudly present their newest ship; The Type-10 Defender. Designed to withstand the rising Thargoid threat, the Type-10 Defender won't let you down! Available now from most Alliance-controlled, High-Tech systems."

Cost (Founders World): 109,472,813

2x Small Hardpoints
3x Medium Hardpoints
4x Large Hardpoints

Power Plant Size: 6
Thruster Size: 7
FSD Size: 7
Life Support Size: 5
Power Dist. Size: 6
Sensors Size: 4


1x Size 8
1x Size 7
1x Size 6
1x Size 5
2x Size 4
2x Size 3
1x Size 2

2x Size 5 Military Slots

EDIT: Oh and...

Armour Rating: 75!

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Argh!! Just logged off from Jameson Memorial, to meet a mate for coffee. Been hoping it would arrive today as I've got 2 long shifts tomorrow and Friday. The rest of my day is Elite now 😁😁
kinda boring just a fat T9 with a stupid no sense making spoiler. Ok, its for trading, should be boring and boxy and a fat T9, but that spoiler? seriously.

I try to imagine what engineers did:

"Damn with this boxy design this cannot work well in athmosphere."
"We should make it more aerodynaimc"
*thinking silence interrupted with a lunch horn*
"damn today is pasta day, lets just add a fancy aerodynamic spoiler and get lunch"
*sound of doors being slammed*
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And what is missing here ? Yes, detailed final stats for those who still at work or offline :rolleyes:
So it would be great if someone who is logged in could post the detailed stats so that I can make a few thought of what I will do with that ship ;)

Edit: Ok, now the stats are in. Thanks :)
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