Patch Notes Update Update 3.0.2

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Cool - although I just loaded up with four kill terrorist missions a few minutes before the 1 hour warning ... a little more forewarning would be good in future please (assuming all the missions will be failed upon return ...) good luck with the patch - i look forward to reading the notes! (Some new player factions added in-game perhaps ?? Wink wink ...)
We'll have the notes up soon. I completed BBCode-izing them a short while ago, just getting some last minute things confirmed and so forth. :)
I really hope its an increase for the winged missions rewards.. i actually enjoyed doing them just dont like that the solo missions have 5 times higher rewards then winged ones.
It would be so awesome, if a Ingame Message will come for Informations about an update is coming, like in Warframe.

Incoming Critical Message for example. System will be shutdown in 30 minutes for maintenance :)
Boo! the one day I'm working from home this week!

But thank Frontier for the patch, hopefully it contains some goodies for us bounty hunters :D
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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