Patch Notes Update Update 3.0.2

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Those broadcasts are sent in the game. They should appear in your chat window. Did those not go out?

They did, however;

* they showed up in game then faded quite quickly, in fact if you weren't on the ball you wouldn't have had enough time to read the entire thing;
* when I started the game client, even though a couple of notifications must have already happened, there was nothing in the chat window at that time, I only saw the broadcast at 20 minutes to downtime
* once the downtime began and I was booted to the menu, the chat window had all the backlog of messages, even one's I hadn't been online to see


The very last word of the notification, "details", is cut off. Check the forum for what? WHAAAT? PIZZA? ;)

Client is Xbox One X, for the record.
Is it the cool hidden surprises patch or the equally cool smooth gameplay type? happy with either (or both ;) )

My heart wishes they've been super busy little dev gerbils and implemented the new KWS behaviour and Interstellar bounties.

My head says they've fixed the PS4 controller headlook axes swap and a bunch of obscure crash bugs that made the game unplayable for a tiny minority of gamers, and the gameplay stuff will come later.
We'll have the notes up soon. I completed BBCode-izing them a short while ago, just getting some last minute things confirmed and so forth. :)

Much appreciated Brett. But I must make a criticism...

I usually like and relate to the laid back way you guys at FD's community team engage with the community, but there is a line between being relatable and unprofessional. IMO telling people to check the forum in-game while not yet having any information on the forum strays into being unprofessional.

You guys need to tighten up that communication. Patch notes need to be posted here before the in game message comes up. Otherwise, as happens every single time, people come here for more info only to find none, and irritation occurs.

It's fine for people like me who stay around the forums, but for players who don't come on here regularly, it just leaves a sour taste.

Just my tuppence.
It makes me giggle watching the posts and thinking either the British are losing their ability to spot sarcasm or there are not many on right now ;)
Server Status: "Scheduled maintenance".

I'm not really sure that an hour's notice qualifies as scheduled. :D

Still, the more times FD do this the more practise they get. At some point over the next few years, they'll have patch day down pat. A message will appear in game warning players, letting them know when the servers go down (ok, I think they've got this part) and also when they will be up again (seem to miss this part still). And if the redirection to information elsewhere actually points to information, then at that point I reckon the process will be perfect.

Not that it's affected me in the slightest this time. But it does amuse me (when I'm not playing) how poorly these emergency updates are handled. Lucky it's just a game. :)
Those broadcasts are sent in the game. They should appear in your chat window. Did those not go out?
Actually, at least for me, they were not in the chat window in the game. Instead i got it on the lower right of the screen, where it also faded again after some time. It wasn't hard to notice while flying, but would i've been just engineering or stuff, i think i would miss it the way it's done.
Maintenance expected after new patch, no big deal, go ahead

hope there will be simmer missions for good money to enjoy the game
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