VR minimum specification for Elite Dangerous (DK2)

Finally did some testing, throughout it I didn't see CPU usage go above 20%! That doesn't seem right to me, maybe it's a limitation of win7's task man.?? Also I couldn't find out how to disable ASW with the current version of OR, unless it was working & my grx card just isn't powerful enough to raise FPS over 45.

Anyway, to the graphics testing, sitting in an corollis station in Mellise, in open play (no sight of cmdrs so far).
So with the following settings:-
HMD Image Quality 1 & Supersampling 1 I get 45 FPS, but the image quality is dire like this, lots of flickering edges (dancing pixels!) :(.
HMDIQ 1 & SS 1.25, ~30 FPS, static image quality is mediocre with many dancing pixels along various angled straight edges. Fairly blurry in general
KMDIQ 1.25, SS1. ~30 FPS, static image quality is mediocre with many dancing pixels along various angled straight edges. Fairly blurry in general. Looks about the same as above.
HMDIQ 1.5, SS 1, 22-23 FPS, static image quality is ok.
HMDIQ 1.5, SS 1.25, 15-17 FPS, static image quality is nice, but the screen door effect on the panels writing is still significant & makes reading it hard.

Obviously an FPS below 45 isn't really playable, I just wanted to see what it looked liked. But I noticed the screen door effect significantly on all settings above, I guess the OR isn't for me then, even if it could run fast enough on my card.

Btw, I don't get why it doesn't do better, is this what would be expected from a GTX 980 or a 1060 Ti?? (The RX 580 is similar performance to them).
A few points to note, the Ivybridge CPU is 6 core with hyper threading, also the RAM is quad channel, so RAM bandwidth isn't an issue.

1 more thing I need to test out with my mates VR whilst I still have it, is to see if motion sickness is an issue, although the choice between poor img quality or poor FPS isn't going to help.......
You will struggle to get 90FPS on a 1060 equivalent inside a station and on planets.

You can turn off ASW with ctrl+numpad1 and on with Ctrl+numpad4 (or the other way around but I think that’s right).

With ASW off of you have any GPU headroom your FPS will go up a bit and you’ll probably see your CPU get worked a bit harder.

Btw I’ve gone to a rift S now and my GTX 1080 isn’t enough for the max 80FPS that does anymore due to the resolution bump. For that to get 80FPS everywhere I reckon a GTX 2080 or GTX 1080ti is required.

For motion sickness I find 90FPS (or 80 with the S) better though I don’t get it as much with ASW at 45(40) as I used to.
I think if I was going to get the latest generation GPU I would save a few extra pennies and get a 2080 or wait a little time to see what happens with the new ’super’
I’ve waiting to see what the 2080 super is like too. I will either get that or the price dropped 2080 after the super comes out.

After blowing all that money on a graphics card I’m going to ban myself buying anything new for my PC for 5 years lol
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