We have to Weak Ships

I came up with this idea because the differences between ships do not affect their play styles so much. But of course I do want to do crazy things (PvP Beluga... :D )
Basically, my idea is to give the ships themselves booster.
For example Vulture gets a boost on bounties: 20% higher bounties.

These booster are only positive. So have no negative effects to nerf ships. My idea is to make choosing a ship more important than just saying more weapons or more jump range is better. My personal favorites are the 3 exp. Ships: Anaconda, Diamondback Ex. and ASP Ex. The decision is more important with these boosters. If I want to fly faster I take the DBex. If I want to jump more often I take the ASP I want to scan a lot I take the Annaconda. I know that there are more factors playing a role but these boosters could make a decision more important or clearer. e.g. My friend Korasko did an Explorer Tripp in Type 10. And I do not know why, but, of course, that even angered me. I also do not take a hammer to drill a screw in a wall or ???

I want the ships to boost their strengths and leave their weaknesses as they are. I also want to add new strengths.
I think the ship determines to what degree something works. The ships are something like the case and the modules are the tools. If you have built the case in a certain direction, such as an asp explorer that even has Explorer in the name. Then the modules work better, with more efficiency and effectiveness.
And gameplay technically it would be great if there was more difference between ships :D

Possible booster that have come to my mind:

  • Sidewinder: (None)
  • Eagle: 20% faster boost reload
  • Imperial Eagle: 15% more damage with railguns
  • Viper MkIII: 30% faster weapon reload
  • Cobra MkIII: 50% on black market sales
  • Viper MkIV: +13% on all shield resistances
  • Cobra MkIV: (none)
  • Vulture: 20% higher bounties
  • Imperial Courier: 100% more money from data delivery
  • Diamondback Scout: -15% on Thermal load (on everything)
  • Diamondback Explorer: 30% faster SC acceleration
  • Dolphin: 25% more credits on passenger missions
  • Hauler: 50% less interdiction probability
  • Adder: 10% discount on all commodity you buy (That means 10% less spend for more profit)
  • Python: 10% more damage with lasers but +10% distributor draw
  • Asp Scout: (none)
  • Asp Explorer: -2sec Jump Charge Time when jumping to the next system
  • Type-6 Transporter: 25% more profit when selling to outposts
  • Keelback: (none)
  • Fer-de-Lance: 10% more damage with projectile weapons (Plasma accelerator not included)
  • Federal Dropship: +15% on all armor resistances
  • Federal Assault Ship: 15% more damage if the target is less than 800m away
  • Federal Gunship: 10% more Multicannon Damage
  • Federal Corvette: 25% more damage with SLF (35% with Federal Condor)
  • Anaconda: 25% faster scans with 25% more range (for exp.)
  • Imperial Clipper: 25% less jitter with gimbal weapons
  • Imperial Cutter: 40% faster rotating Turrets
  • Type-7 Transporter: (none)
  • Type-9 Heavy: 10% discount on commodities, when more than 350t is purchased from a single commodity
  • Type-10 Defender: 15% faster Shield reload when broken
  • Orca: 30% fewer system security scans
  • Beluga Liner: Beluga Liner: 30% less passenger dissatisfaction

"(none)" means that nothing occurs to me not that the ship should not get a boost. Maybe you think of something else. Then please write it with the right ship name. ;)
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I think this idea is ambitious but it doesn’t quite work with a lot of the functions. Modifying the functionality of modules (hardpoints internals etc) is all possible with engineering and by upgrading the module itself. That being said their are some major differences both good and bad with each hull like you are wanting. For example I just recently went from python to anaconda. My python was a fantastic ship but after the weeks it took to explore with it I realized that the ship I fell in love with wasn’t the ship I owned. The anaconda however is everything I loved about the python and more. You mention certain ships having increased payout for missions? Well certain missions are impossible in certain ships. Perhaps the “increased payout” is a bonus of having the ship capable of performing the task? As for passenger satisfaction I totally agree there should be some sort of mechanic change with the current passenger ships but I think fdev already has a lot of plans with those. I wouldn’t get too deep into those. Now you do also talk about ships being built for a purpose and I gotta say ya missed something if you don’t think it already shows. In your example the asp explorer does have a purpose and it’s in the game description. It’s a bit more armed and has a longer deployment range. Basically more hardpoints and range. Admittedly the poor aspx is short changed by its awful shields but alas it does work better for exploring. Now for the friend who explored in a t10, that’s awesome and I don’t see what’s wrong with that? Some people want to take a luxury passenger vehicle and murder an unsuspecting pirate with it. Others want to take a short range mining vehicle and jump all the way to sag. A. To each their own. I think what YOU want in a ship a totally up to you and I don’t think the game needs to reinforce that for you. Just like buying a car you can weigh the pros and cons and ultimately make that choice based off whatever it is you want. Missions are missions and no irl employer will pay you more for driving a nicer car unless that’s the job. Arguing about ship-specific passenger missions makes sense in that case. As for improved damage that doesn’t make any sense to me. Modules are already customizable by engineers and the ship itself is just a hull. While you may not like it, it really is all about hardpoints and room inside. You like a certain ships looks? You are more than welcome to use it for whatever you like. I personally like the Lamborghini aventador but I’m not gonna tow a dirt bike with it or take it off-road. Right? Yes some ships jump farther and some hit harder and all that but that’s all thanks to your own input and the availability of the hull. Think of it like a motherboard. You can only fit so many ram cards on some models and more on others. Your choice which to use

I’ve rambled enough. I think again that this is ambitious but it’s kinda already been done and I think it’s up to you to recognize that^^
Op needs to google a few things.

I'd start with engineers/System state trading/Commodity Bulk tax.

Having different SC accel rates would also seriously screw up the balance.
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