What planet material should I be looking for when mapping ( Scanning ?) planets?

I'm trying to decide what planets are worth mapping and which are not. Atm I'm only mapping...

  • HMC that are terraformable
  • Waterworlds
  • Earthlikes
  • Ammonia worlds
  • Gas Giant's with life swirlies
  • And the rings/moons surrounding each of those types

But there are lots of surface landable bodies that fall outside of that scope, not to mention lots of ringed planets. So my question is, what surface materials, or details should I be looking for if the planet is worth mapping?

Sorry if this had been asked before, but I couldn't find anything and it was a pretty specific question, hard to google!
If you're doing it just for the money, I'd scrap GGs from your list. Or include Class II GGs instead of life-bearing ones, and add Metal-rich bodies to the list. Also keep an eye for terraformable Rocky bodies.

For interesting scenery, planets with biological & geological sites are nice.
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