When and what is the tick?

Jane Turner

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In the past we have definitely seen actions close to the tick deferred - so I'll be leaving the 30min window in our worksheet.
AFIK the tick occured during the update as the influence changed then and hasn't since - so I assume much the same. Tho I could've sworn it was earlier the last couple days - we'll have to see tomorrow.

Jane Turner

Volunteer Moderator
We will find out today - there was a tick after the servers went down and when I downloaded 3.0. If anyone detects a tick please say so
Just a note....the tick is a forward slipping time event, based on the time the servers finish running the galactic polling for changes from the previous days and the subsequent updates to the galaxy due to those events. Anytime the game does this the tick slips forward....this includes server side issues due to devs having to do something with the galaxy (updates, etc.)
A real improvement is to have those tick(s) at least at a hourly base.
This is just a starting point to make the things happening behind the scenes more believable and more feelable.
Most BGS workers are nailing their system(s) with effort for a while,
but they see the impact only next day (maybe).

Ok, I confess I am dreaming, but hope dies last.

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