When and what is the tick?

A real improvement is to have those tick(s) at least at a hourly base.
This is just a starting point to make the things happening behind the scenes more believable and more feelable.
Most BGS workers are nailing their system(s) with effort for a while,
but they see the impact only next day (maybe).

Ok, I confess I am dreaming, but hope dies last.

not sure, daily revamp of operations is about all we can handle. This is our hobby, not a second job! Although it would be nice to have some visible more means of activity in system.
Not sure how many people are watching this thread but to update I'm at 1.30pm UK time and no server tick, for the last couple of days. I don't know the exact time because I can't sit logging off and on again not knowing when the server is due to tick. Anybody know the most recent rough tick time?
What I noticed is, that the system map influence information takes longer to get updated than the System Factions Status Summary in the station menu (below the GALNET button).

(thanks for the thread btw)
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