Winged fsd conduits

Hi CMDRs, I was thinking about a new feature for wings in elite.

Basically it would be a mechanic that allows players in a wing to share the same hyperspace conduit. This would work by your ships computers communicating with each other to align with each other and time their fsd charge together and allow ships in wings to travel system to system or even in supercruise much easier.

This for 1 would really help travel in wings as you wouldn't have to wait around for a wake and hope for instancing to work as you would be transported together in the same hyperspace conduit.

Further more, the physics of fsds could be taken advantage of, since the fsd beds space and uses its energy to form a fsd conduit, since all ships are using the same conduit, less power is needed perks ship, e.g. depending on you jump range you could half the fuel if it is 2 ships with similar jump range, 1/3 for 3 ships, and 1/4 for 4.
You could also have a range multiplier, think of how to massive stellar objects bend and curve space and how they join when they meet each other, the bending of space is much greater. Well this would be true for fsd drives working together, which means as result your fsds charging at full power together could create a longer hyperspace conduit for you all to travel through, it works because you are amplifying the fsd effect on the same conduit like I said the the bending of space with massive objects, you could have e.g 20% multiplier per ship (or whatever is reasonable unless you want the physics engine to use maths to calculate the overall possible jump range of the combined ships through one hyperspace tunnel)

I feel this would greatly benefit players especially playear groups because travelling together would be a lot easier and more efficient ESPECIALLY FOR EXPLORERS l being able to travel mot distance together I'm an efficient manner as well heavy ships travel in a wing to a cg system etc. I'd love to see this feature in ED and I bet many others would too. Think of it as warframes loading screen where players ships fly to the same location together.

Hope you all like the idea, thanks for your time
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Technically the wing beacon and wingman-nav lock are supposed to work this way (at least the jumping together part), now if Fdev would get off their butts an make it actually work correctly that would be great.
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I know that, but my suggestion is to remove the idea of jumping one at a time it's like follow the leader
It allows ships to jump in the same hyperspace animation, it would be explained by using ship computers calculate alignment and timing of fsd to allow players in a wing to jump in the same fsd tunnel allowing them to jump to another system instantly and reliably instead of playing follow the leader jumping one at a time which makes much more sense if you understand the physics behind fsd
Sig you don't play warframe search itengine on YouTube and look at the public game load animation when players load into the same map, it would be like that in terms of flying together but in hyperspace, this also means since you're sharing a hyperspace conduit that if a thargoid hyperdicts you, you'd all be pulled out so you're not separated making anti thyroid squads easier
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if wingmates target the wing lead, then select the lead ship’s target, there is no reason or need to worry about navlock and waiting for a wake to scan. In this case, it is best to have the ship with the lowest jump range be the ‘lead’ ship in the formation.

ex: Wingmate 3 has lowest range. All other wing members target W3 as the route is plotted. Once W3 has the destination system (station/ship, etc.) targeted, the other wing members use the wing command to target the wingmates target. Bingo, everyone had same target selected. All engage fsd and arrive at virtually thr same time.

edit: That being said, I do wish the navlock reliably worked, and that it functioned as a master/slave for better wing maneuvering. Also, that any ship could be the lead and automatically limit range to that of the lowest in the wing.
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how about a LARGE module allowing this.
I'm basically thinking size 7+8 only.
its "fired" at a target that the launching ship could get to ON ITS CURRENT TANK. ie: if it would take 6 jumps to get there and leave you at 10% fuel you can just jump immediately there in one launch.
it begins a hyperspace jump in a "gate" in front of the ship. ships that drive in are given a notification (like the "safe low wake exit" notification) on screen and can press to sync with the jump, as long as they stay in the right area+heading. the gate lasts for a certain amount of time MAXIMUM, per class (ie C rank 10secs B 20secs A 30secs). i'd have the size 8 version be able give you "neutron star boost" if you so choose, but with the same damage dealt
this removes "maximum fuel" from being a factor, and allows larger ships to "boost" wings of smaller ships decent distances.

hell, could bolt a million fuel tanks and a seriously chunky fuel scoop to a T9/T10 and have a dedicated mass transport ship

would you be down for that?
would you prefer it be a much small module size?
Zegram seems to be the only person who has a clue. I thinkdon't my idea would work better. It plays true to physics so it is realistic and immersive.
To make it as simple as possible, think of space as water. Your fsd creates waves in that water, the more fuel it uses (up to its maximum range) the bigger/more powerful the wave, you as the player surf this wave.

A wing of players have to follow the first person's wave making several waves over allthe indindividually.
My idea is to make it so that our fsds can be charged together in close proximity using wing man nav lock, allowing the wing to create on big wave that they ride on together. This is how it would work if it were real, because the wave is already being made by one ship, the extra power of other ships amplifying the wave is much greater, it would be much more efficient riding the same wave, it would save fuel and you would travel further on a much more powerful wave.

In physics you'd be contracting the space ahead of you much more, and expanding the space behind you a lotlift more, as well, and then as a group of ships riding the wave of space, or in elites case, the blue energy tunnel (conduit) made by your fsd.
Depending on how many ships participate in this "wing jump" depends on how much fuel is saved orup how much the range multiplier increases. This is way better than elites current system where one player jumps first andtime the others lock and follow because it's all done simultaneously instead of one at a time and introduces a new mechanic that allows for further distance jump potential as well as efficiency which is great for groups of friends or player groups who are travelling far in a wing exploring or a combat squad travelling to a cg system more quickly and efficiently. All of this would depend in the players fsd capabilities as well as what fdev decide as handicaps etc since they love grinds

This in my opinion is the best way to do it, it would play true to physics and be more immersive and benefit all players.

This is the only change that would be made, meaning it could be integrated into the game system without anything being rewritten.

Thanks for everyone's time and input, I hope you all understand this concept/mechanic clearly and agree that it's something frontier should add
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