Winter 2023 DLC Speculation

What are your thoughts besties?
My first thought was thinking: why did Leaf say "what are you, thoughtless besties?"

My second thought is: dromedary camel is likely gonna come soon. I have a hunch

Third thought: Quell, stop being an obnoxious bum. My real thoughts are: I bet that we'll get an animal pack. To end it (because I'm assuming it's the last one), they'll bring something very special, I bet. Maybe a Tassie devil? Or maybe more birds?

  • Musk Ox (North America • METAWISHLIST N°8)
  • Wolverine (North America / Eurasia • METAWISHLIST N°3)
  • Japanese Serow (Asia • METAWISHLIST N°111)
  • Markhor (Asia • METAWISHLIST N°18)
  • Pallas’s Cat (Asia • METAWISHLIST N°33)
  • Spectacled Bear (South America • WISHLIST N°20)
  • Gelada Baboon (Africa • WISHLIST N°25)
+ Exhibit
- Chinese/Japanese Giant Salamander (Asia • WISHLIST N°76/193)
Mountain animal pack (or since we got a pack calles arid, maybe cold animal pack?).

If it is the first option then:

1. Spectacled bear
2. Sichuan takin
3. Markhor
4. Gelada (alt. Golden snub nosed monkey)
5. Palla's cat
6. Golden pheasant/himalayan monal
7. Rhea ( gotta get some more of the Andes here and since is unlikely we'll get a condor here goes the rhea)
8. Ex: chinese giant salamander or mangshan viper

Cold Animal Pack

1. Wolverine
2. Walrus
3. Rockhopper penguin
4. Pallas cat
5. Golden snub nosed monkey
6. Tundra swan (atlantic puffin as alt)
7. Sea otter
8. Ex: idk
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I don't like having so many speculation threads running at once. Leaf you started a bit an annoying trend with opening so many threads. We should first receive one DLC and then start speculating about the next one. Not 2 DLCs in advance.
Umm most of us do these speculations in other threads anyway so i think is fine having all these threads already. We all have an idea in our head for what we eant for the next two DLC.
I honestly will be so thrown off if they dont do something related to Highlands and Mountains in the next 2 packs. All I want is my adorable grumpy Pallas Cat, I'm not a fan of the Sand Cat from the last pack, but if its a set up for the Pallas Cat, I will be over the moon. If we get a Mountains pack without a Pallas Cat, I will be in full depression on announce day lol.
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