Winter 2023 DLC Speculation

Good morning everyone!
Are you all ready?

I've read most of it now, not all of it lol.
The good thing is: If you don't expect anything from the start, you can't be disappointed. Surely a small part of me was hoping for a bird animal pack but yeah, then not.

I think all 4 animals are solid, nothing that's on my favorites list, but I can do something with them sooner or later. At this point I am particularly happy for @Pentoleaf . I fell in love with the sloth bear a little bit, it's certainly similar to the other two bears, but somehow completely different. And hey, we can now build a “Junglebook Area” in our zoos. Now all the animals have to be there, right?

It doesn't look that bad, does it?
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Others could be:
*Golden Pheasent
*Jap. Serow

Everything now depends on what the other animals are

And the Update could be really cool as well:
*Some Animals could carry their Babies
*Peaflowl Variants and Piebaldism?
Jeez, I so would like the DLC to be this one. No surprise walrus is my absolute favorite animal but also Mandarin Duck is my most wanted waterfowl. Sadly, I really doubt walrus will be in this DLC. I'm pretty sure they would have talked about it in the livestream if it was in the DLC because it clearly is a top tier species for the game. Now I'm really scared and I hope the support for the game will continue for another full year because I don't see it being added in a spring, summer or fall DLC.
Wisent, wild boar, swan, tortoise, takin, wolverine, sloth bear and saiga
Ohhh we get both wisent and takin?? Ok lol then i'm happy about You all who wanted wisent.

There is also wild boar and swan so that pretty much completes Europe for me.

So excited about the swan!!

I know something was up. They were saving the true star of the pack.

Our first waterfowl!! Now we need to wait for a duck.
I am over the moon. I think Europe has the Most important species now. With the Wisent and the Wild Boar you can make a really nice Wildpark area. And I personally can Exchange the European Brown Bear with the Himalayan Brown Bear.
Great picks and Happy to get it already next week 🥳😊
The last 3 really did swing it around for me.
No SA or monkey snd the sloth bear feels even more out of place but a really solid and varried collection for cold climate eurasia and mostly finishing of europe, which i highly respect!
Im totally cool with every continents representation besides SA now so thats neat
Wisent is not a species I particularly like but at least it will replace mod I was using. Same for wild boar, saiga, wolverine and takin! And what a great surprise for the swan! I really like this pack and I hope the walrus is coming to the game one day :)
Edit: Europe feels complete now, yay!
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