Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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Security improvements and more fear and suspense

Have a watched of this clip from The Lost World! Why isn't capturing dinosaur this exciting in the game? You can catch dinosaur so easily they do not panic and run wild like normal animals would if you try and capture them. Also if your in your jeep running after them they should come and try to damage you! Even damage the buildings!

I hope they can add this to the game later on to make chasing them so much more fun!

Dinosaurs does not provoke fear or suspense

Dinosaurs in the game do not provoke fear and suspense so like in Jurrassic park when the Galimius was running in herds and the trex was chasing it! I wish this could be seen in the game where they are large padocks for them to run and a hungry angry trex start chasing them and killing them.


[FONT=&quot]Secuirty is too easy no fear!

[FONT=&quot]Where is that nightmare where the whole park goes red when the power goes down? Where is that red alter siren that should be in the park? And it triggers when there is a power failure? And also i hope in the future they can add real physics to the fences and dinosaurs so the interaction can be more real. So a huge spinosarous will try and break through it to get to the people if it could.

the whole security system is shutting down
No suspense or challenge taking down a dinosaur

I don't feel excited trying to catch a lose dinosaur in the game cause there is no suspense the dinosaur are caught too easily!
It just too easy where you click onto chopper and then you shoot down the animal! It should be more challenging so each dinosaur have their own type of tranquilizer dart and you need to research this. You also have limited darts and you can always be using hundreds of helicopter pads as the game needs to provoke fear into the player. So if they made a well contained park then it should be able to stop the dinosaurs from going further. But they should be troops to go and chase these lose angry dinosaurs down! Remember they been caged and are now angry and will kill anything and will just go on a rampage! It should be a major disaster for your dinosaurs to escape and to track them down and catch or kill them if necessary.

They should be a deep challenge of restoring power to the park not just put down a building a few power line and power restored they could be many things like the weather where it stopping the power to be fully on. I also do not feel this suspense in the game as there is no consequences apart from rebuilding and spawn vistors to come back like as if everything is new!

Dinosaurs should also be contained in the park and its your job to make it happen cause if you let them lose which will happen then life will find a way. So its all about trying to manage this disaster and to see how many dinosaurs can you contain in your park with out them running out of the park!

The repair is too easy!

If you going to repair a fence you will need to hire skil technicians for the job and that will cost money and that you need to be repairing many things to gain the experience as reliable repairer! The repair should also bring in resources so you can't just click repair and its all done it will take a few min or so! And there needs to be a power generated where someone has to go out to start repairing it. And here is the good part! As you send your team out in the dark of the night or in the afternoon the dinosaurs might be waiting for you to hunt you down. So you will a tough security to protect you repair team as they go about fixing the generator and having the resources to do it. So you also have to bring the right resources with you like a small truck? Perhaps a medic team in case some one get hurts too?
RTS In Jurrassic world
[FONT=&quot]Players who love to control the security guards with their special guns to take down the Trex or anything big and not kill it! So Players will need to also manage the resources for the troops in case of a disaster! We have not seen that in a park game before! [/FONT][FONT=&quot]I bet you will pull in lots of RTS players if you can have something like this in the game! Not a full on RTS war with the dinosaurs but parts of it like the Dinosaurs being very smart and sneaky and causing trouble to your guards if they escape. If they are out watching at night they could get killed if you engineered a dinosaur like in Jurrassic world so with a power failure you need to make sure you have alll your guards properly check or they could be eaten.

But here is a game that I just wanted to show you all so you understand what I mean on RTS style and on realism. So what happens when Dinosaurs start to charge and attack you? Well then the movies will come alive then! And you be transported back into the movies! So you keep everything in the lore and perhaps later on guns like we see in the moives and troops running away and being hunted and taken down by the smart dinosaurs.


Trex chase scene

I am missing a trex charging at you and perhaps when the power is down and you need to evacuate people the dinosaur become more aggressive and will charge at you even in a vehicle and will try and ramp it off. I just don't get this feeling too when playing the game as its not there and it just too easy


[FONT=&quot]I hope these exciting additions can be added to the game in the future and even maybe have multiplayer so players can take charge of the guards. Or the AI can take charge of it while you go about managing the other areas of the park. Have not seen this yet in a Park game where it brings it to life! :)

These are so missing in the game!

Raptors chasing humans

Raptor Ambush
Main things for me.

1 - Enclosure Cosmetics: Not been able to customise enclosures with rocks, individual trees, different types of grass, swamps etc is a huge let down. I want long grass in the raptor paddock. Rocks, fallen trees, swampy terrain etc to make each enclosure stand out.

2 - Park cosmetics - Trash cans, benches, information boards, statues, fountains etc. Anything to spruce the park up a bit and make it look special.

3 - More shops/visitor buildings. There isn't enough. Give us more like a budget hotel, a lodge, different varieties of shop (can sell the same stuff, just a different design) just so we can create a JW mainstreet and fill it with different things. Entertainment-wise, a museum and 3D theatre would be great.

4 - Rides and attractions - So far all there seems to be is 2 viewing platforms and a gyrosphere. Where's the jeep ride? How about a river cruise? A balloon like on JPOG.

5 - ACU can be killed by dinosaurs.

At the moment there's so little in the way of customisation it's a giant let down. It comes across like a £30 been sold for £50+
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1) Path decorations - lampposts, floodlights, bins, benches, fountains, speakers (with custom music would be nice), statues, fossils, dinosaur info boards by paddocks, street signs, poster boards (with custom image support would be nice)
2) Terrain tools - selection of appropriate biome paints (sand, rock, swamp), rocks, plants/bushes, tall grasses, paleo trees that herbivores can feed on
3) High mast lighting in paddocks to light dinos at night
4) Visitor attractions - viewing domes, jeep safari (JW free drive and JP track ride), balloon ride, Cable Gondola ride, boat ride, treetop walking paths and first person mode for all current and future attractions
5) Tour guides that take guests round the park
6) Herbivore feeders - viewing platform feeding trays/guest hand feeders, treetop walk feeding trays
7) Security cameras
8) Raptor paddocks from both JP and JW
9) Sandbox mode with day/night cycle
10) Jurassic Park assets - buildings, main gate, vehicles
11) Larger variety of guest buildings - shops, food stalls, information stations, dino feed. Also the dino balloon I saw in JW and see the guest walking around with it because why not
12) Ability to purchase more land to build on for each island
13) Staff management - manage training, wages, job types, and moods
14) Staff variety - janitors, entertainers, dino experts at each paddock (maybe in the viewing stations)
15) Visitor management - see guest thoughts and needs globally and individually
16) More ways to access the islands - Helipad and ferry port, then jeep ride or monorail to park entrance
17) Aviary and lagoon
18) Paddock cleaning - dinos do a doo doo, rangers go clean it up
19) Separate restricted staff areas and visitor areas - build all your important staff buildings (power, ACU, expedition centre, fossil and research) away from the main park and have a path locked off via a staff gate
20) Underground power cables
21) maintenance sheds/bunkers for running backup power systems/power relays between different power stations
-- side note: ability to pre-load the game for pre-orders
This! Adding these features would put this game on a whole new level.
Oh, and remove the pointless limit of buildable areas on the park?

Why is that a thing? I want to spread across the whole Island. Not be bunched in one section.

Pointless addition. Takes away alot of the freedom people will have to design their park.
Dinosaurs attacking park jeeps and eating ACU/park rangers would be a cool feature to add. Give us a difficult challenge when entering a dangerous dinosaur enclosure knowing it could be their last. Another wishlist is a sandbox mode in a custom island map with difficult settings to our choice (more storms, day/night cycles, etc).
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1. Some kind of aging/growth system for the dinosaurs.
2. The option to kill dinosaurs in case it really gets out of hand.
3. natural feeding options besides the feeders.
4. Visitor accidents like guests getting wounded/killed by storms, touching electrified fences, trampeled by dinosaurs. Maybe have some kind of first-aid station.
5. A battle arena to let dinosaurs fight(not the most humane thing to do, but it's all about money right?) Get dinosaurs to fight either to the death or untill you intervene.
6. Deluxe physical editon ps4
7. The fact that rangers can be attacked/killed by dinosaurs.
8. to hire maintenance workers for repairing fences/power as an additional unit in the park specified for maintenance.
9. Maybe a more brutal team rangers to contain bigger threats and if needed kill a dinosaur. Where you can always choose for lethal/non-lethal

13) Staff management - manage training, wages, job types, and moods
14) Staff variety - janitors, entertainers, dino experts at each paddock (maybe in the viewing stations)
15) Visitor management - see guest thoughts and needs globally and individually
17) Aviary and lagoon
When in life or death situation, allow lethal actions.
3) An option for blood/gore
4) Aquatic/flying reptiles
- Better, more varied guests
- Allow construction of fences through water
- Herbivores should realistically move in herds. Pack hunters like Raptors should, as the name suggests, hunt in packs and work out a strategy to kill their prey.
Thank you for reading.
ps. I might have updated my post.
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I suspect battle arena or similar may be in. An arena type building has appeared in screenshots and the game records dinosaurs victories.
  • Concrete moats
  • Elevated paths
  • Tunnels
  • Below ground power cables
  • Cleaners
  • Trash cans
  • Lamps and lights
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Viewing binoculars
  • Decorative elements
  • Signage
  • Decorative fences not made to house a dinosaur
  • Individual plants
  • Rocks
  • Planters
  • Prehistoric plants
  • Random island generator and ways to modify its terrain
  • Monorails that are an attraction and not how guests enter the park
  • Docks and helicopter pads to bring guests to the island
  • Restrooms
  • Giftshops that sell items people actually carry with them
  • Outdoor food and drink options
  • Expressive guests who show emotion when they see dinosaurs
  • KIDS and kid themed attractions
  • Petting zoo
  • Splash pad
  • Playground
  • Small rides
  • Individual luxury bungalows
  • A resort pool to place near bungalows or the hotel
  • Rock climbing
  • Explorer tour on a track from Jurassic Park
  • Offroad jungle trek from Jurassic World
  • Gyrosphere ride that doesn't follow a set path (other rides can do that) the gyrospheres should move around randomly in an enclosure as if they are being controlled by guests
  • Balloon tour
  • Ability to ride tours including monorail to view your park and dinosaurs
  • Jurassic Park themed buildings, decor, and vehicles
  • The Main Gate
  • Dinosaurs moving in flocks and heards
  • Day/Night cycle at the very least on freeplay maps outside of the story line.
  • Isla Nublar to be cloudy like in the book and Jurassic Park movie, not sunny and cloud free like it is in the Jurassic World movies
  • And PLEASE include a statue of John Hammond in the game

John Hammond statue

Rock climbing wall

Small rides

Offroad tour

The explorer tour

The gate

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- Day/Night Cycle
- River Cruises
- Less limitation on the maps
- Ability to build near the beach
- The ability to build a dock for ships to arrive at the park
- The original Jurassic Park buildings, vehicles
- The ability to plant individual plants, decoratives, rocks and statues etc.
- More decoratives in general
- Sandbox mode
- First person (or just let us go down to the visitor's level and view our park from their perspective)
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A LETTER TO THE DEVELOPERS (from the Jurassic World Evolution Community)
Dear Jurassic World Evolution Developers,

I really enjoyed the gameplay videos and I have to congratulate you for this awesome job! But I have some constructive feedback that I would like to share with you! I’m writing not only on my behalf but also on behalf of many members of the community after reading and discussing during hours about the game. My 3 main divisions, for you, are Creativity, Complexity, and Immersion. So like in your game, I ask you to choose several contracts for these 3 divisions and try to keep a nice balance between them!
Ok, let me explain: JWE is a tycoon-type/simulation game, so keep it under this perspective. In this type of games, creativity is what will keep the player attached to the game, is what will make the player stay hours and hours playing. It is like painting. Nobody wants to paint the some picture all the time. Everybody likes to have its creativity challenged to some degree. It what makes the player want to play the same savegame during hours and hours, day after day, even if only to contemplate its creation, like a painting. It will be what will bring the player to ask: In which different way I will build a JW today? Complexity is when a game pulls the player to be constantly paying attention to the game itself. If we have a game that is so basic that we can abandon it running alone and nothing happens it will be a boring game. And finally, immersion: Yes, the player wants to feel itself inside of the game! Like if it was there!

And then, have a couple of points that I would like to address:

- First I think that a lot of fans and players were expecting a game strongly similar to Planet Coaster since is the same video game company producing JWE. This elevated the expectations of the average player, expecting to see many of the features of PlanetCoaster (PLC) present in JWE. Planet coaster is really more guest focused and all about building a unique customized amusement park. We all know that! And that's why that game is so full of unlimited options to create unique parks. This leads to my first concern. I feel that many players will get easily tired of JWE if the game doesn´t allow some degree of customization. Nobody wants to build the same buildings and the same objects all the time, nobody wants to build 10 Jurassic Worlds that look all the same. You must give some sort of variation, like building thematic enclosures with thematic objects, or kind of changing the look of the environment of the park. Different benches, restaurants, building eating plazas, relaxation areas, gardens, rocks, fountains, statues, museums... We all understood that JWE is all about dinosaurs and management, but. Why not building thematic areas that really look different from all the other places in our park? Like the Tendaguru safari or Jurassic Portugal exhibition? We like to challenge our own creativity.

- The lack of objects is strongly related with what I said before: rocks, logs, waterfalls (maybe in terraforming), extinct plants (and greenhouses as attraction), skeletons, street lamps, decorative walls, and fences. All of these to help to enrich the environment of the animals and the guests.

- Another aspect that I wouldn´t like to see neglected is the employees of the park, the staff! I think, as CEO, you must be in charge of managing your park's staff (since the game is so focused on that), decide the number of rangers to hire, the amount of scientists... and the possibility to hire other employees like guides or entertainers (since there is a whole division on entertainment this would make sense). Maybe the 3 different divisions can also play a lot with this feature (e.g. your entertainment division will mainly want to hire more and more guides and entertainers and support a cut on the budget for scientist and rangers, the security division will support a bigger number of rangers...). And of course, You must be aware if you have enough amount of employees to make sure your park is running without any issues, you should manage the wages of your staff, train them and make them feel happy! Imagine the potential of such system: If your staff dies in a disaster, is eaten by a dinosaur, is bribed or is a spy infiltrated, or they just get in strike, you must be ready to solve these problems and have a nice payment check in your hands if you don´t want to ruin the park of your dreams. Having a park is also all about having a team that is professional, efficient and loyal to you. (We have seen in the movies the role that the staff takes in the parks). This resembles to the complexity that I mentioned before! It makes the game more complex and fun!

- The guests need some improvement as well. Each guest needs to have a unique opinion on what he/she thinks about the park. I also would like to see kids in the park (ok, I know, just make them immune to dinosaur attacks) and more variety of behaviors on the guests. Make them part of the simulation, not only a minor feature.

- We need more attractions. We just don´t want to get bored we also want to make sure our guests don’t get bored! If the game will be limited to viewing platforms and gyrospheres, then the game will be really boring. We need jeep safaris, balloon trips, feeding exhibitions, boat rides... all the stuff that you can see in the movies and more! Imagine building an all JW only visitable by boat through a system of rivers and canals and boat rides? You get my point. And of course, control over these attractions, like prices, vehicles, look... Another positive point would be the possibility to have a guest experience like, riding the attractions, see what they see from a viewing platform...It will be like if you were a guest in your own park, like many of us have dreamed to be since 1993! The available room to build is being a concern to many fans. I hope the bigger islands are really big enough to build really big parks. I also would like to build a harbor and see the guests arriving by boat than having a monorail coming from a mountain as park entrance. Where is the iconic JP/JW main gate?? Monorail must work mainly as transportation throughout the park or even as an attraction. Even better an open island to just realize dinosaurs and see them acting like in a real ecosystem. All of this increases the Creativity, Complexity, and Immersion of the game!

- The dinos are awesome!! I just would like to see the dinosaur AI improved about alert behaviors! I have seen a Ceratosaurus capturing a Struthiomimus that didn´t even run away! small herbivores must run away just for listening to a carnivore roaring. And they must run away from a jeep at high speed too! And your dinosaurs must eat and/or attack jeeps and rangers!! That's why the training of your staff is so important. To avoid them to be eaten. And, why only herbivores have social needs? And the social predators like velociraptors? I understand that many carnivores are solitary, but a bunch of they weren´t. I also think that anybody wouldn´t mind seeing baby dinosaurs or even dinosaur reproduction (maybe something that the science or the entertainment divisions would exploit)

- Think about some immersive features: like Day and night cycle. Ok maybe not at the launch but soon add a patch with this feature. Everybody wants it! More dynamic background environment and music. Like relaxing JP music when you're building and action/terror music when a dino breaks out.

- Some sort of modding support is important. We see that nowadays the most successful games of this type are strongly modding open! As I said, stimulate the players' creativity is the success of the game. And you have a big community following your work!

Thank all for reading my letter and I hope you see it as constructive feedback and as a proof that you have a passionate community out there that wants this game to become the biggest success of the last 65Ma! We trust you!
The things that I would like to see put in the game that I believe are realistic at this time from the gameplay seen would be:
1. Better dinosaur AI interaction with one another and their food.
2. More terrain customization.
3. The visitor AI being a bit more detailed. Dinos are the Star I know but it would be neat to see more guest interactions with objects and exhibits.
4. Dinosaurs actually running and moving in herds.
I guess we won’t really know much of anything else until we can play and see for ourselves.
Légyszi :D

Magyarul írom hátha megtalál egy másik magyar fanatikus Jurassic Park rajongó.

Szóval a legjobb az lenne ha a ragadozó állatok vadásznak , akkor dinamikusabbak legyenek ne álljanak meg a préda elött és várják meg mintha ez lenne a dolguk hanem meneküljenek el.
A vizet lehessen mélyíteni, hogy tudjanak úszni már amelyik tud (brachi, spino, edmontos, pachi, parasaurus) pl. mint a Jurassic Park 1-ben ahogy a brachik kijönnek a vízből közben a többi növényevő iszik a tó körül.
Napok váltakozása.Éjjel Nappal.
Vizi, repülő állatok.
Sandbox mod
Hím nőstény állatok és szaporodjanak könyörgöm legalább a b helyszínen.(tojások fészkek kicsik tinik nagyok)
Még változatosabb növények (magas fű, sziklák,)
Növényevők etetése leshelyekről
A kitöréseknél szebbek lehetnének a kerítésdarabok ahogy összetörnek ne egy egész panel essen ki aztán kész.
Simogatók nyugodtabb állatoknak
There we go (some of them simply copied but very important to me):

- John William's themes / Soundtrack
- Optional Blood and Gore
- Day/night cycle
- Better, more varied guests
- Optional day/night cycle on all islands
- Path decorations - lampposts, floodlights, bins, benches, fountains, speakers (with custom music would be nice), statues, fossils, dinosaur info boards by paddocks, street signs, poster boards (with custom image support would be nice)
- Tour guides that take guests round the park (!)
- Paddocks from Jurassic Park
- Jurassic Park assets - buildings, main gate, vehicles (The original Visitor Center !, Ford Explorer and Jeep Wrangler in original Jurassic Park Skin!)
- Original Jurassic Park Gate !
- High mast lighting in paddocks to light dinos at night
- Visitor attractions - viewing domes, jeep safari (JW free drive and JP track ride), balloon ride
- Ability to purchase more land to build on for each Island, expand it.
- Ability to Open/Close Park
- Trigger accoustic Alarm like in JP: OG.
- Aviary and lagoon. Waterfall
- Maintenance sheds/bunkers for running backup power systems/power relays between different power stations
- Emergency bunkers to evacuate Guests.
- Separate restricted staff areas and visitor areas - build all your important staff buildings (power, ACU, expedition centre, fossil and research) away from the main park and have a path locked off via a staff gate
- Dinosaurs able to attck rangers (Think of Muldoon or poor Jophery Brown)
- Donald Gennaro :D
- As John Hammond stated: Bring Kids in the game. Hammonds target audience was kids !

Maybe Ray Arnold as CIO :)
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More camera control - not locked to ground only, first person view, attraction view, closer zoom into map and buildings

Small dinos - it's a crime to leave out compsognathus, give us microceratus, othnielia, dryosaurus, etc. Have smaller fences, glass fences, feeding zones, etc. (seeing as they won't make babies)

More attractions - viewing dome, balloon tour, safari adventure, elevated walkways (treetop gazers), river raft ride (cretaceous cruise), Giant Insect greenhouse (complete with giant dragonflies!), Reptile House, pachycephalosaurus arena, gentle giants petting zoo, early life exhibit (trilobites etc)

Non-dinosaur attractions - bone shaker rollercoaster, Egg spinner ride, pterosaur riders ride, zip lines, water park, golf course, nightclub, pterosauria cineplex

More visitor buildings - food trucks, balloon stands, jurassic traders gift stand, coffee shop, Ice cream stand, cash machines (and make the shops different sizes, visually interesting with multiple entrances, not just a grey rectangular box with the front facade decorated.)

Add decorations - benches, fountain, amber pedestal, carnivorous planters, John hammond statue, Gazebo, MR DNA scuplture, Spinosaurus Sculpture, lamposts, bins, parks, rest areas, picnic zones, botanical gardens, hedges, flowers

Staff management - staff only paths, gates, walls. See your staff walking around, cleaners, vets, etc.

More terrain tools - sand/rock paints, more kinds of trees, rocks, create tunnels in fake rocks, etc.

Improve guests - guest needs, add kids, strollers (I'd rather have invincible kids than no kids! kids are always a main part of JP/W)

Shop management - icons for each food/gift, etc. When gifts on sale you see guests carrying them, etc. Hats / balloons, etc.

A lot in here but if you're going to make a game where your aim is to create Jurassic world, at least include all the things required so we can recreate Jurassic World! Dinos look amazing but I'll be mostly zoomed out managing the park not just watching them run around all day...
Everything i wanted has already been said by others. But...

-Play as a visitor
-Play as a dinosaur in a site b/sandbox mode (childhood dream)

-Train your dinosaurs to behave like JW (Raptors)
-Release the physical copies before July?
-And PLEASE give us a day and night cycle
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I would post a whole list but most people have it covered already.

I would like to say that we would really like to be able to use some original JP themed items in the game, like the tour vehicles and the visitor center and even the gates. For older die hard JP fans this would be a real treat. Now I believe it's already in the game and will be unlocked once we get to Nublar. I would love to have to play as the 1993 JP or build my own park on Nublar with JP themed game assets. I would like this sandbox mode to have a day and night cycle so I can see my Dinosaurs in the day and night. It would be interesting if some of them had some more aggressive behavior at night. Like the raptors and Rex being more active at night.

My other wish is for Compys to be in the game. They wouldn't require a lot of space, but might need smaller fences. I know it probably won't happen but I can still dream.

I almost forgot. We need a John Hammond statue. Like the one in JW in their version of visitor center. We can place it in our park some where outside. Preferably near a monorail station so visitors can see the man who started it all.
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