Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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Well, first of all the game looks amazing so far! Great job the Frontier team have done in bring back the Jurassic Series to the Tycoon genera.

I don't have various points to be made, since I trust that much of have been ask on the range of custumization already will be on the making, my wishlist is a more post-launch one.

1º MODDING: For the Darwin sake, made a workshop page with the biggest mod suport you can do soon as possible. And, since a official mod suport is not comming soon, just leave the files open for we made our job and remove some weight from your backs. If are some sort of a acord because JWFK, just made it after the film launches. Idependent that the suport, Sim Management games need to have mod suport for extended live. Imagine a Cities Skyline without a traffic ajust mod, is simple unplayable for the vast majorite of the community!
A modding system would bring new ideas and ways of implementantion for the vanilla game as well. Imagine how the Security gameplay cloud be improved by de modder comunity, for example. I'm not surprise if a breakout woul'd turn a full RTS experience, with various ACU (the main manpower) and Rangers (the suport units) with the helis and jeps just been another unit on the options. The management in general could be a lot more complex than the vanilla one.
And for the most important, modders can do what you can't because of the age and Universal restrictions. Guns/DInosaurs can be Kill? MODS! Kids who also can be kill? MODS! Feathers and "acurate" (as a paleontologist a realy dosen't like this term, but) dinosaurs? G MODS!

Just please, don't turn your backs for the mod community after the game comes, we are more than help you improve the game than anyting.

2º DLC's and DLC's suggestions: Well, we all now that DLC's have been the trand on the gamming market for a while and they are inevtble. So I have a cople of sugestions to make in the point of view of a Jurassic fan:

º Cosmetics DLC's: Not much to say, they are quite irritating sometimes, so try to not spam they like much of the companys do sometimes. And please, make these meaningful. A "Classic Jurassic Park Structures" or a "Decorative Structures Pack" will be much more welcome than a "Boring nonsense monocromatic sking who change literaly nothing inte the aspects of the game" one.

º Lore themed DLC's: I, like much of us think that will be one of the first DLC's, a "Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom" one. And, why stop here? Wich only ~30 to ~40 spicies is hard to put all of the dinos that appeared in the film lore (+games) and have space to non lore-but-still-cool dinosaurs. So why don't star with a "Smmal Species of Jurassic Park/World" for example? Since is hard to insert than right in the core game, why not make the all lore smmal dinosaurs that apear in the lore and have ben so request in one DLC? Will be about 3 to 5 animals + structures, its a good number for a good and start pay DLC's isin't? Folling this line will be a Marine and Aviary DLC too. I think we all get the ideia and I say, probably you already are working on this line.

º Dig Site/Dinosaur World themed DLC's: At last but not least, you can make this your bigger DLC's, i've have been sheach the most famous and intresting creatures on the Dig Sites already in the game. We have wround 150 diferent species in total! Well, why noy make use of this? Imagine a "Morrison or Late Jurassic Update/Upgrade". The Morrison Formation alone are 13 good candidates that probably are not on the base game, and various of these will be in other DS's as well, making the DS's in general seem more interesting than that have one or two species inside. In the same pace would be a "Europe Classics", both late and early "North America Expansion", "Cretaceous Africa Update". You name it!
And, if 150 + Lore dinos (plus some very curious and famous non-dinosaurs creatures foun in theses sites such the amzing Kaprosuchus) are not enough, we also have space for new Dig Sites with entire new and cool creatures that will not making with only the DS already present in the game. "Triassic Update", "Creataceous South America", "Australoantartica Expeditions", "Asian Exploration". We had almost infinite possibilits just staying and explore the Mesozoic era.

3º A true wish: These one is more a wish than a recommedation, We realy love the way that you have been follow the lore and bring obscure animals of the series. But, a really feel that someting as missing, two tings exactly. Troodon and Proceratosaurus. Each one have you one aparence in the lore and the both are quite obscure but still love by the fans. I think that at least the Troodon have a good chance to apear in the base game. But no one DS are in the localization of the Procerato. If none of these will show in the base game, please, consider bring them, they will be good aditions for a "Smmal Dinos" DLC along the more famous and request Dryosaurus, Ornitheliasaurus, Microceratus and Homocephale. (okay, now are 6 dinos in these request DLC. XD)

For now, I only have to thanks all of you that open this channel and have listening us in the way to improve the game with us!
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Carcharodontosaurids (if there aren't already any in the game) and group behaviour/hunting for large carnivores where it's appropriate? Pretty please?
Here's my list:
1) Sandbox mode/Site B (with the Isla Sorna being site B)
2) Aquatic/flying reptiles (Mosasaurus, Pteranodon, DImorphodon, Elasmosaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Kronosaurus,)
3) Option for 1993 JP park aesthetics
4) More decorations for the park and paddocks (waterfalls, trees, sand..)
5) More attractions
6) Some really exotic dinosaurs like Amargasaurus, Ampelosaurus, Concavenator, Therizinosaurus, Diabloceratops (if not in the game)
I want to be able to throw a dinosaur like a poke ball and battle another players T-rex.

Realistically. Like the movies all hell breaks loose. FPS dino hunting and capture.
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Sandbox mode is my biggest wish (preferably available from the start, with all the mutation options to boot), but here's some dinosaur packs I made and posted onto Reddit earlier:

Genesis Pack: Albertasaurus, Homalocephale, Ouranosaurus, Torosaurus, Carcharadontosaurus, Acrocanthrosaurus, Dryosaurus, Corythosaurus, Allosaurus
Movie Pack: Mamenchisaurus, Carnotaurus, Sinoceratops, Compsognathus, Stygimoloch, Baryonyx, Indoraptor, Microceratus, Stegoceratops
Variety Pack: Diplodocus, Ornithomimus, Iguanodon, Alioramus, Yangchuangosaurus, Maiasaura, Panopalosaurus, Diplodocus, Thescalosaurus, Tenodontosaurus, Wuerhosaurus

More hybrids beyond the ones I mentioned and the Indominus are also something I'd like to see.
You know, after having read all these post, I'm worried some people will have too high of expectations and it might be another Spore or Trespasser situation.
So it's best not to make assumptions unless told otherwise, probably.
Well, there should definitely by a system to stop dinosaurs from clogging when I'm in my chopper trying to grief them with a tranquilizer dart, and I want park-legs so I can walk around the buildings and my check out the back of my jeep and I want everybody to play in the same mode and I want to be able to have my own base with a player driven commodity market... and dino-skins, dino-kits, and dino-lights I can buy in the store :D

Just kidding. Super excited for the game and, apologies if it's been mentioned already but, I'd love to see Deinosuchus and, heck, throw a Megalodon in there while you're at it! :)
Automatic hatcheries lategame, so that more pragmatic players can keep their dinosaur populations from dying off.
1. Bigger islands or random island generator
2. Jurassic World door
3. Danger when repairing fences or when going in the enclosure of dinos
4. Some dinosaurs like I-rex or raptors should be able to remove their tracking implants. Maybe some dinos could break their implant when fighting with other dinos. Then you would have to go in a jeep and find them to inject an implant in them.
5. More decorations, like rocks or benches.
6. More ways for the visitors to view the dinos
7. Flying and marine reptiles in DLC
8. Day/Night cycle, visitors should go back to their hotel in the night.
9. A lot more ways to transport visitors around
10. ACU soldiers that can go tranq dinos.
11. Classic JP stuff
Hey guy, we have learned that each island gonna have its own time of day, i get it all they wanna to people feel the differents by doing such a thing...
BUT i hope atleast at the last island it will be a combination of all the wheather / day and night cycle from other islands...because it will be much much cooller to see a full day n night cycles of our park than just having only one time of day...

Hey guys,why not ACU jeep explode or damaged.. i think it will be a really good thing to include, i hope they may changed that because i can't see why not...they have people dying in this game but why not the vehicle explode..
when its a really big dinosaur come in contact with the vehicle atleast add some life bar to vehicle so it will cool to see vehicles getting damaged cause as it will be more realistic...
Hope will be in the game>_<
1) i would like to see visitors to do their own things rather than everyone just walking around without any purpose. i wanna visitors walk in groups of families rather than walking individual so they will seem more realistic and this will give opportunity to visitors to do more activities together like eating,sitting,playing and talking with each others..i really hope JWE do it better with giving more action to visitors...

2) i would like if there add a River Boat Tour just like the geosphere we seen in JW will be cool to have more than one way of doing touring in your park...

3) i hope if a tour vehicle crash... people in that vehicle have to survive and try to live as much as they can ..rather than like JPOG visitors standing still and get eaten by dinosaurs...i wanna they hiding in bushes or climbing tree and etc to avoid contact with dinosaurs until they get help...

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What I really want most of all is, if you DO decide to include a sandbox mode, for there to be some way to sustain an ecosystem (at least in that mode) without having to intervene yourself. Obviously the most obvious solution is to include breeding and growth, but it doesn't have to go that far. I just don't want to have to manually repopulate my own little Isla Sorna every 30 minutes to prevent a species from dying out.
-Aquatic/flying Species
-Non-Dinosaur species
-Modding support
-Day/Night cycle

1) Better Terrain tools: rocks, individual trees, sand/swamps, Paelo trees(?). 2)More cosmetic items (flowerbeds,Statues, fountains, maps, displays). 3) maybe an option like in the original Zoo Tycoon to change the colors of some buildings, would be boring to see the same colored Fast Food Restaurant around the park. (Sorry if this is formatted oddly. I posted this using my phone)
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1. ACU Helicopter and Jeep Ranger destruction
2.Flying and aquatic dinos
3. More decorations- Fossils, banners and other forms of decerations found on the Jurassic world island
4. Day/night cycle
5.More theme park based attractions- roller coaster, river adventure and even the attraction Jungle Trek takes tourists to the area.
6. Better guest AI
7.Dino wounds and battle scars
8.Baby dinos as least a few like the "genital giants attraction"
9.MOD support
10.Better Dino AI "hunting packs, and defensive herds
11. Sandbox mode Site-B
12.More dinos and skins
13.More hybrid dinos
14.Blood and gore
15.Never ending updates and DLC's
Sandbox mode
Actual workers (Not just vehicles repairing things)
More terrain/scenery customization
As many building/management options as possible (staff services, rides for guests, restaurants, resorts, etc)
My Request

I don't have a really long list.

I just have 1 request.

Please add a multiplayer option. I will spend at least double the money for multiplayer. I just want to create the best world possible, but with someone else.

Thank you for listening.
My Request
Add lesser known dinosaur in game like Sinoceratops,Titanoceratops,Siamotyrannus,Euhelopus and Sinraptor
Thank you for this game, I'm really looking forward to it.
Most of the important stuff has been stated in this thread all ready.
The only thing I would like to add.

- Hard/Impossible Difficulty.
- The possibility to lose a game.

I'm one of these stupid players that only play on Ironman and learn the games from the harder difficulties and loves the punishment that it brings.
Slow steady grind to make sure everything is perfect and then something still goes wrong and you are left with a panic if you are going to lose the game.

Thanks for hearing us out.
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