YouTube Video Thread

I'm curious to know, from people that recreate irl rides, do you recreate rides you've ridden yourself, or do you try and recreate ones you've never ridden and rely completely on photos? Surely the latter must be a huge challenge, as you have nothing to rely on, memory wise?

Also, I watched a couple of the latest videos and they're all fantastic! I couldn't watch the whole of the Disneyland Paris one, but revisiting it in Planet Coaster, I HAD to see Hyperspace Mountain again. The best ride I've ever been on!

Hello Chante,
I recreate rides I have ridden, then I use video to verify my memory :)


We're back in Aurora Park adding some worldly flair with the World's Fair Pack!

I love the Theme Maker Toolkit, it was hard to figure out blender to do this, but the end result is worth it

Another update video on my stream only park Shady Gorge!

Let's take a look at the most recent updates to Shady Gorge Park!

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