YouTube Video Thread

Here is a little SciFi coaster I just put on the workshop:

Kings island banshee recreation

anybody want the logo ,should i upload it to the workshop ?
[big grin]
natural path:

build video:

watch my lastest guys!

Here's new video for a coaster i uploaded today...
It's a G-Force test ride with a lot of triggers (camera flashings, animated items, vfx ,...)

If you like it, it's available on my workshop ;-)

In this episode of Planet Coaster HARD MODE, work on the station building for the wooden coaster continues!

In this episode of Planet Coaster HARD MODE, we switch to night time to add much needed lights and we start the new Sci-Fi area!
In my new episode of Buffalo Valley, We work on a lodge/resort building. Basic building of it and I made a restaraunt.

A small little experiment I did involving no-collision, a path, lights, and the iron horse express.

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