1. The Chairmaker

    Name of new expansion hidden in plain view (Next Era)?

    This seems to have slipped past people but in the community release about the delay. The name of the new DLC appears to have been released without people picking up on it. I found it interesting that previously devs referred to the new era of Elite Dangerous. In this release they refer to it as...
  2. B

    Thoughts About Improvements (petting zoo, behavior)

    I would first like to apologize if I repeat anyone else's suggestions, I have just joined the forums and did not peruse the suggestions thoroughly If you agree, disagree, or have any additional relevant material or suggestions feel free to comment (if you disagree please let me know why). 1...
  3. M

    Expansion packs

    DLCs like these really limit you since it's usually very small. I'd like to suggest larger packs that would include more animals and new game mechanics (that would allow us to keep aquatic animals or flighted birds) and that seems too big to put in a DLC. And good luck naming and selling 10...
  4. Mjmannella

    Recent Extinctions Expansion Pack Concept for Planet Zoo

    Extinct animals are a fairly hot topic, you can usually find extreme passion or resentment for this subject matter. I believe a solid compromise would be to limit the extinct animals to the current Epoch,the Holocene. Not only is this recent enough to ensure all the additions mesh flawlessly...
  5. E

    General Gameplay Guest Mode

    One of the big things I've wanted since launch is the addition of something I am going to dub a "Guest Mode". This would allow you to experience your park on the ground, from the perspective of a guest or visitor. You'd have free reign of the park, you'd be able to go on rides and enter...
  6. W

    Surviving spacelegs

    If/when spacelegs shows up would you like to see it bring mild survival elements to Elite? In my opinion we do have some slight survival elements already in the ships i.e. fuel necessities and module degradation which goes at least a small length to add suspense and danger to traveling into deep...
  7. TorvalStrategyTeam

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 182: NZT declares war on Aisling Duval

    Shortly before the tick beckoned in Cycle 182 the hobos who call themselves NZT did reveal their true intentions to the galaxy by declaring war on Aisling Duval without attempting diplomatic liaison & pushed a 5C Expansion against her highness’ assets. This dishonourable sneak attack was however...
  8. A

    Sabotear superpotencia opositora

    Hola a todos!. Tengo una duda y no encuentro solución, a lo mejor ya se ha tratado en otras ocasiones, pero llevo un buen rato buscando y no encuentro nada al respecto. La cuestión, es que estoy en un sistema donde en el contacto de superpotencia dice que para contribuir con los míos, debo...
  9. Captain Crazy

    ED Devs Please read this

    Hey ED Devs what is the premium content for Lifetime expansion pass holders because me and meny others are wondering what we are getting for this "season".
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