1. T

    General Suit cosmetics suggestion

    Hi guys. So I've been keeping an eye on the cosmetics store since Odyssey launched. I've been looking for an operator pack in particular for the Dominator and Maverick that gives them a really gritty sci-fi look, much like the way that MCRN troops from The Expanse and UNSA troops from COD...
  2. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    SRV Wave Scanner for Biologicals

    Unless I'm somehow completely missing this, it'd be really handy to use the "switch mode" button (no,, we don't need more binds!) so switch the wave scanner to pick up biological signs, allowing you to find those harder to find biologicals. Some planets have very small biological points on the...
  3. CMDR Tenofas Blackhand

    Old player is back after 36yrs

    Greetings CMDRs! After 36yrs I returned to Elite and I am enjoying every bit of it. I play the Odyssey Elite, Open-play game. I started directly with Odyssey. I did the first intro mission, then I was left on Chamberlain's Rest. I did a few Odyssey missions (transportation ones) to get my...
  4. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    Finally succeeded at starport-scaling!

    While we're at it, a few missions leading up here would be amazing. "Repair station exterior", "Sabotage starport ventillation system", "Take a leap of faith"... Whatever. :D These buildings are amazingly designed, was a lot of fun reaching the top! (Or at least, right under the final obelisk...
  5. Tharrn

    [Odyssey] Probably rather easy to implement new mission type for the good guys

    I'll add one to the massgrave :D What has been irking me, is that most on foot activities seem to be illegal. Those of us, who want to blaze their own trail on the "right" side of the law are left with scraps right now. When I was scanned for the umpteenth time while fetching another fossil...
  6. Bionic Bytes

    Scarlet Krait error - buying back exploded ship

    Anyone else have issues with the Odyssey shipyard when buying back a ship which had been destroyed. Each time I just get a connection error: Scarlet Krait
  7. Vingtetun

    PSA about HCS Voicepacks in Odyssey - and how to set up your keyinds in the new setup

    With the changes to Odyssey - breaking the keybinds side of things in the game into 4 separate section - had a few queries pop up about "how do I make my keybinds work with Odyssey?". Luckily, it's VERY straightforward. The crew at HCS put together a quick guide on YouTube as to how to do it...
  8. A

    Megaship/Installations hacking "fixed" but still BUGGED

    Hi, First of all i want to be clear on something: Megaship/Installation hacking that was on top10 on issue tracker (here) were supposed to be fixed in update 6 of Odyssey and is fixed in patch notes here. Now: What i consider as an injure to people like me who waited for almost 2 years for it...
  9. F

    Odyssey: being afk and get kill by npc

    So I was being afk in a base on a planet, infront of a command panel. Was afk for dinner, for not even 30min or so, when I get back to my computer, see my character being arrested... Is it because I was infront of a command panel? Or being afk to a npc is illegal?
  10. Ventus

    What are the 5 icons on the compass on foot.

    From top to bottom, the icons right of the compass are: 1- Bounty 2- Restricted access 3- Temp 4-??? (man impaled through gut by spear) 5- ??? Your car battery is dead, or check engine? Thanks in advance for what 4 and 5 are.
  11. R

    Need for a Roadmap and some truth

    With the current debacle with Odyssey launch, a lot of people have been talking negatively about the game and this is shown on the steam reviews for odyssey, where it's mostly negative and this is bad. I love the game and I bought it solely for the fact that we could walk on planets, but the...
  12. Bionic Bytes

    Settlement Defense Plans?

    Anyone know where to obtain these from? I have Settlement Assault Plans - but that's not the correct material to unlock the Engineer. I have been playing the game in a variety of ways - missions and random raids, etc and so far never even seen one. I'm a completionist, so when I go into a...
  13. O

    when will update 6 for elite dangerous odyssey be released??

    Hello, I was wondering when update 6 for odyssey will be released https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-update-6-satire.584828/

    Newcomer / Intro Farming mats on foot in Odyssey?

    Hello, I would like to buy Odyssey expansion but first I need to know if it is possible to farm ship engineering materials on foot and not only in the SRV. Do I have to upgrade my suit to be able to store the materials or can I go to the SRV and store them if my pilot inventory is full...
  15. TheOriginalB

    Non-comprehensive list of interface oddities ("dangerously low temperature detected")

    I've been playing Odyssey and I have a few questions about the interface. This is not a comprehensive list, but it seems that there are some inconsistencies. For instance, let's talk about low temperatures. I get warned a lot about low (or high) temperatures and I haven't yet figured out how...
  16. IrishWolf Lythi

    Odyssey space legs missions penalties too harsh and not appealing to take part in

    My friend and I took a break from Elite Dangerous for a few months having purchased the pre-alpha and played for a little. Feeling that Odyssey needed a bit more polishing after launch we decided to wait. Today we dove in to see what Odyssey had to offer and where instantly frustrated when we...
  17. SpaceIsHuge

    Why state fo the game thread has so many replies?

    What is this, Odyssey discussion? When its just a chitchat of some (few) ppl that really hate Odyssey? Why this thread is against all rules and still here? I dont understand. To have some steam for haters and trolls? This madness must be stopped! Source...
  18. K

    Elite Dangerous: the New Era – A WIP Design Document – Chapter 1 of 8 (Please Be Kind)

    Elite Dangerous: the New Era – A WIP Design Document Alternate Title: This is What a Roadmap Looks Like Chapter 1 of 8 Chapters: The NPCs of Odyssey and the BGS: Bringing Life to the Galaxy PowerPlay, Power and Faction Ranks, and Looking the Part: Rewarding Progression and Meaningful...
  19. Brimston

    Prevent lost keybind

    I've notice (like everyone I guess) that when switching from Horizon/Odyssey and Odyssey/Horizon, on both ways I would loose my keyboard configuration EACH FREAKING TIME ! so I've been looking what was the issue, and it's only because it was so poorly coded that the controls are set in two...
  20. S

    Colonia region surface POIs - Odyssey POIs anywhere?

    I've been wandering around the Colonia bubble region for a while and I've noticed that the POIs that spawn on planet surfaces are mostly if not always Horizons POIs. Ignoring the physical spawn glitches when landing. I was hoping to get a head start on gathering upgrade materials if/when...
  21. S

    System map information and interactions (Apex and CZs)

    Couple of quality of life improvements to throw on the pile for the system map interface. 1, when looking at the system map for a system that is in active conflict, can we view the factions at war and conflict intensity when selecting a given CZ settlement? You can only view this via the...
  22. Bionic Bytes

    Weapon Test Data - where to find?

    For several Odyssey engineer upgrades you need to supply Weapon test data (quantities of 10). I am not seeing this offered as a mission reward. Anyone know a reliable way to obtain it whilst playing the game?
  23. K

    How To Make Elite Dangerous Odyssey Successful - A WIP Planning Doc. Please be Kind.

    (The ships I brainstormed in about an hour using some concept art. Imgur links included.) (This is a repost of what I've posted on Reddit) Please keep in mind I'm not a professional game designer and many of these ideas may not be as viable as I'd like. Also, this is just my opinion. Hope you...
  24. Bionic Bytes

    How to download data from a non-powered settlement

    I'm on a mission to download data from a port in Odyssey. I can get to the powerplant and insert the regulator. Trouble is I can't activate the power because I don't have security clearance. There are no scientists. There are no scavengers with any clearance level above 0. What to do?
  25. Bionic Bytes

    Wanted status - no way to clear (odyssey)

    After a botched illegal mission in a settlement, I became wanted. It appears, however, there is no way to clear the status. Tried landing at the settlement to pay the fine/bounty. Nope - nothing in the admin contacts say I have a bounty. Tried an IF in a nearby system - again no fines or...
  26. GraphicEqualizer

    ED: O gameplay fixes - Exploration / Vista

    Glad to hear the effort is going to be put in on Odyssey PC woes before thinking of pushing it onto consoles. Here's my ten cents worth for what needs to be fixed for Odyssey explorers and how to ensure more that one dimension of gameplay to every feature (this will be a recurring theme...
  27. CMDR Kantos Kan

    I truly don't understand...

    Playing Horizons on my 5 years old laptop (yes I know it old and need to update it but that's not the point), in open space, I was getting 40fps. Now, in Odyssey, in the same spots in open space, I get barely 20. Why is this? To my untrained eyes, the void of the empty space looks pretty much...
  28. Massacre2011

    Console Development Of Odyssey Should Be Delayed To Focus On PC

    Let's be real here the current state of Odyssey on PC is not the greatest. With a good chunk of the player base having issues with it, I wonder if console development should be delayed indefinitely to focus on flushing out new gameplay content and bugs plaguing PC. I am a console player I have...
  29. Maëh

    Proposal of changes & additions to Odyssey for an improved experience

    Hi everyone, after many hours of play (200h since EDO release) I've compiled a list of suggestions that could be added within a reasonable timeframe to alleviate its current gameplay issues which risk hindering it from being an enjoyable game even after framerate gets eventually improved. Some...
  30. Bionic Bytes

    Odyssey Ship Locker - too small ?

    Considering the sheer amount of items and data needed to engineer suits and weapons, the 1000 ship locker limit seems...... way too small. It's a real paint to gather the required mats only then to discover you've hit an arbitrary limit before you can even begin to engineer. Can FDEV please...
  31. Scaletho

    You should see this video

    I say no more.
  32. Fcsuper

    First EVA in Elite Dangerous? Well, it turned out to be a bad day either way

    Source: https://youtu.be/nn5wAAhk3OA I'm going to file a couple of bug reports for this "personal narrative". https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/31418 https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/39251
  33. AndyinMission

    Instancing in Odyssey

    Sorry if this is a known issue for folks, but a google search didn't turn up much. I was playing with a friend who lives on the other side of the globe yesterday and we had a heck of a time getting instanced in Odyssey. We started out both in my Private Group. I could see he was playing...
  34. F

    General It's generally significantly quicker to log out and back in again than walk from your ship to the concourse.

    The fact that several players have started recommending this to me instead of holding SHIFT + W an RSI-inducing amount to cross the dock is perhaps a sign that we should be able to do one or more of the following: a) Collect leg missions directly through the ship UI, saving the disembark for...
  35. J

    Crash GPU with Odyssey Update 5 (gtx 1080)

    After i made a fresh install of windows 10 and elite dangerous i get a crash of my GPU (gtx 1080 driver 471.11) each time i would switch in fullscreen mode in odyssey update 5 (3840x2160p) help But horizon work fine
  36. NETbreed

    Performance worse since Update 5? Try disabling VSync

    Posted this to the update thread but it's helped at least one other CMDR so I thought I'd drop it here for better visibility. I've just been messing around with some in-game graphics settings to see if I could induce the terrible framerates others have reported. I'm lucky with my setup; I get a...
  37. GraphicEqualizer

    General Fixes to make Odyssey live up to its name for exploration gameplay. Will any of this appear in Update 5 or before console launch?

    I am mainly focussing on exploration gameplay here to help actually live up to the definition of the name "Odyssey" Live up to the name dammit, especially given the extreme disappointment from the hype that we thought exploration gameplay was finally going to get some long overdue work (the...
  38. Rob Galaxy

    More information for Crime & Punishment in ODYSEEY needed

    In topic (see above) Bruce told a bit about Crimes. But the system in ODYSEEY should be explained more in detail. Regarding the transfer of the ships crimes to the commander in ODYSEEY leads to following question: Are fines and bounties now in ODYSEEY always applied to the commander? If this...
  39. Marquet

    Boarding scarab back on krait in Odyssey

    Can’t board scarab back on ship in odyssey. Had to load horizon game which put me back into orbit. Then go back to Odyssey!!
  40. ZeroAi

    Odyssey: Is it worth the price?

    Objectively it's not. Full games with many times the content cost the same or less. That's not to say fans of Elite Dangerous don't think Odyssey (or any Elite DLC) is worth the price. For some, just the ability to walk on planets they've only been able to drive on is well worth $40. When...
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