1. Rheeney

    Fleet Carrier Science Experiments

    Source: Undertaking science experiments on board a Fleet Carrier. Blind spot laser avoidance, Sidewinder versus Fleet Carrier hull integrity, Mass pad loitering laser avoidance, nose adhesion whilst Fleet Carrier jumps. All in the name of science :) o7
  2. [VR] optimal_909

    General / Off-Topic Sir Roger Penrose — The quantum nature of consciousness

    After many years of not reading books (on such subject and otherwise), I might just buy his about this fascinating topic.
  3. ProgramRAM

    Outpost Antenna Audio

    Hey guys I asked this question over in Dangerous Discussion but I was told I may have better luck over here! This was my question if anyone can answer it. Noticed an older thread that mentioned the audio thats played from the Outpost and station antennas but people were quick to dismiss it...
  4. Old Duck

    ED Ships vs. RL Rockets

    I've got a simple science question for those of you who are experts in this field. In ED, we can "slow burn" our way from a planet's surface into outer space if we're patient enough (not using supercruise). Why can't we do this in real life? Why do our rockets need to reach incredibly high...
  5. CMDR Urania Minora

    [INDEPENDENT] Peaceful Explorers and Scientists - The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is recruiting

    Greetings CMDR's! The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is seeking like-minded CMDR's interested in PEACEFUL scientific and exploration efforts throughout the galaxy. We are a PC only squadron which collects, stores, and studies astronomical data. The Intergalactic Astronomical Union...
  6. muroko

    CODEX update with ALL confirmed locations.

    I would like to propose an update to the CODEX which would show ALL confirmed geological/biological structures, anomalies, etc. and not just the first discovered ones. That is all.
  7. SlouchMonster

    Slime and mold

    Although I love the life that is in the game I feel that a step has been missed. The life we can find is quite complex, as life goes. I'd quite like to see simpler life crop up too, slime or mold. Maybe on their own or close by to the life we have now. Filling out the evolutionary tree so to speak.
  8. NewkTV

    [TFI] Join The Forgotten Initiative

    "The Forgotten Initiative is the living legacy of explorers, privateers, and scientists who push the limits of exploration, defend the human race against galactic threats, and develop new technologies in search of intelligent life." 1ST: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP - Link:
  9. O

    Hydra Science Analysis and thoughts

    After my previous studies of Thargoids I was aboard the Gnosis and have the following information to add to the pile others I'm sure have gathered. Some may be repeats but I think the whole is worth reporting: For note I was aboard the Gnosis. All the data collected was gathered from NHSS...
  10. CMDRGURU951

    Ship and SRV Based Scientific Research Tools

    A few months back I discovered that there is a method to discovering volcanic and organic POI. Ever since that day this game has become so much more than what it was before for me as an explorer, which is my primary focus. 1. To aid in research it would be nice to have a little extra light for...
  11. J

    Newcomer / Intro Just a fun watch. Turn flight assist off?

    This is just for the sake of a quiet nod and a chuckle. Also - Someone took notes in class I guess? - Because Science :)
  12. Dr_Floyd218

    [INDEPENDENT] Large PS4 Wing Recruiting, MSR

    Do you play on the PS4? Do you use PS Chat? Do you want to actively help shape the ED Galaxy? The Misfits of Science and Research are looking for players to join our team! We are one of the largest PS4 only wings. We have taken control of two systems and have expanded to two additional systems...
  13. T

    Serious science question...

    Regarding accelerating an object in space. Keep in mind I don't really know the lore behind the non-FTL propulsion in this game. If we have a vessel which produces a fixed amount of thrust (1000LBS for example's sake), and our ship (100,000 LBS Gross weight) has some type of battery as a fuel...
  14. C

    Communication: Is there any way?

    So, believe this is my first thread on the forums. Be gentle with me, space cowboys. I'm mainly putting a question out there: Is there an organised effort to make real contact with the Thargoids? Communication has, so far as I know (My knowledge isn't absolute here) barely been attempted...
  15. DavidMik

    Got a 4th Thargoid to show up in the Hyperdiction. Title pretty much sums it up. I'm probably going to carry a fuller hold next time to see if multiple thargoids picking up 5 each can bring in a 5th or even 6th. I think only one may have grabbed enough, since the other two got stuck on the same MA for so long.
  16. General Zach

    Project Obsidian alpha

    N/A Looking upon the results of the situation of a suggestion literally just that became something else, thus requesting immediate close of the thread for comments to be shut down as well as the thread. Though for those to continue to view this and intend to comment will be left in the void...
  17. M. Volgrand

    Thargoid Data Gathering Effort: We need your help!

    Alright, let's do some field research, commanders. Actual situation: The Thargoids are advancing into the bubble. Their objectives are unclear. Proof: Have you been living under a rock? Active attacks towards stations, EAGLE outposts signal systems that may be soon attacked. Proposed...
  18. Augustus Caelinus

    Peregrina Research and Intelligence Agency

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