1. PowerfulSlicer

    Suggestion: ship auction

    Being able to buy and sell ships using an online auction a bit like forza 7 with all the kits, colours, mods, engineering etc. Just an idea...
  2. Bluebone


    Im mostly in exploring interested and in VR. Every now and then Im flying inside some deep craters or equivalent things. And it's often very dark. Now my Asp has these lights but they are kind of weak and they aim allways to the front. In VR you can walk around the ship, turn your head in every...
  3. starfer


    Hello, i've been playing this game for a while and, even tho i'm enjoying it so much i find something that disgusts me and it ruins my immersive experience. I don't know if this is a common topic but here we go.. This might sound like a rant but it's not at all, i want to give a constructive...
  4. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] CQC : Duel mode

    So CQC has been struggling to attract players for some time now right.. why is this? Here's what I think the problems are: 1. It detracts from in-game progress Because of the huge grind walls in Elite, many players feel as though if they are not working towards their goals, they are wasting...
  5. B

    Npc security not attacking wanted ships

    I don't know if this is intentional or what but whenever I'm I'm a res site hunting bounties, I absolutely cannot be the first to attack a wanted ship, if I do not a single other ship will attack it even though there are a dozen plus security ships including a usually a few anaconda's. I have to...
  6. F

    A new way to travel

    I have a suggestion when it comes to faster than light travel. I hear a lot of bashing around current jump ranges from players when playing in a wing and I would like to make a suggestion for something that I believe would be an amazing addition to the game. My suggestion would be centred...
  7. Yamiks

    [Video] How to spend first 100 MILLION
  8. B

    Why Can't I Rebuy Ship?

    Hi guys, I've been flying a Python for a while now and a few unfortunate situations at some conflict zones recently meant that I have lost most of my money from having to rebuy my ship. Later I DC'd from a RE site and found that I had been destroyed after I DC'd. I am now unable to rebuy my...
  9. Ambushlizard30

    Type 10

    Kinda a dumb question, but does anyone have a type 10 yet? Or has it not been released yet?
  10. D

    Rent-a-Ship Suggestion

    Hello Cmdrs, If you are on the same position as me you may have a lot of unused Ships. Wouldn't it be nice if other cmdrs could rent your Ship for their task? I myself am combat oriented but sometimes I would like to trade but I don't want to use a T-9 once and scrap it afterwards, so I just...
  11. Yamiks

    [video] Top 5 best looking ships Feel free to share your own list down below!
  12. CMDR Ralduk

    Ship interiors as social places, NPCs

    This would be beneficial for the players and the developers: - Your ship, your home - It is much easier for the devs to do this than player owned bases for example. - ‎Optional interior decorations/furniture etc. - this brings a lot of new things the players would want to play the game and make...
  13. Ranek Eisenkralle

    Guide / Tutorial Elite's built-in optical landing system explained

    I frequently noticed that people seem to be having significant problems with fitting the big ships through the mailslot and into a station. Hence I am going to share a neat feature I have been using for a long time to safely get several different big ships into a station. I tested this with the...
  14. D

    Revising the Python

    The Python was once used as a patrol cruiser, so now that ship launch fighters are in the game shouldn't the Python be able to carry a fighter as well? As one of the larger of the medium class ships and given its history it would make sense. Please consider this request. Thank you.
  15. C

    Utility ship

    To get past the problem of completing missions for outposts in large ships, I was thinking about the possibility of a utility ship which docks inside the larger ships. This ship could be used to transport goods from ship to station, even picking up ammo or fuel. With the help of my 6 year old...
  16. Mastian

    Capital Ships way to weak!

    Today i was in Conflict Zone for our player fraction and a majestic class interdicter jumped in, first i thought it would be a real threat. After i destroyed some other ships (which actually done good damage) i realised the capital ship alone does almost no damage. I didn't even need a shield...
  17. BarberousMeow

    Ships best station to buy ships and internals

    TWO QUESTIONS: 1. What is the best place to buy ships? cheapest and with the highest variety? 2. Same question but with internals [up]
  18. D

    Newcomer / Intro Changing the Ship's Voice on XBox

    Hey so this may be a stupid question but I went thru all of the audio options and I didn't se the option to change the in ship voice? Anyone know how I can do this? Thanks in advance [CMDR Digital4narchy] o7
  19. N

    We have to Weak Ships

    I came up with this idea because the differences between ships do not affect their play styles so much. But of course I do want to do crazy things (PvP Beluga... :D ) Basically, my idea is to give the ships themselves booster. For example Vulture gets a boost on bounties: 20% higher bounties...
  20. RaSenche

    [Request] Ambient Ship Light Colors

    Even before getting Colored Engine's and Weapons i wanted the option to change the ship lights of an Imperial ship. last Boston meetup i even asked a drunk Sandro and he suggested to post it here (though im also terrible with doing these things so i didnt until now.) then in the 2.4 BETA only on...
  21. Perfect Dark

    Ships "New" ship: The Krait ---> Expectations?

    While it is common knowledge that the Krait is a an obsolete antique in Elite, I am still looking forward to its release as part of the Q1 2018 update (or so we hope!). I would like to use this opportunity to ask everyone's input on how they would like this ship should to be configured for the...
  22. T

    Community Event / Creation NEW SHIP CLASS PROPOSAL

    I play with Elite Dangerous only from two or three weeks. Now is my favourite game. If i can give my little contribution... This is a new ship-class proposal, a full-cargo class, with less hard point(two small for mining/weapons and two for things like shield boost or similar) limited thruster...
  23. T

    Request for Chieftain Nose Art

    Just a simple customization request for the Chieftain when it fully comes out. I really like to see an old school open shark's mouth be available as a ship livery choice. You know like what came on the old WWII P-40's and P-51's.
  24. ToCoSo

    Super Freighter Concept - Big Ships with Big Roles and no Hardpoints!!

    Super Freighters always wanted to see them, not as big as megaships but active large cargo carriers. Yes, made of glued together ship hulls!!!
  25. I

    Can plasma repeaters be available for ships other than fighters?

    Plasma repeaters are genuinely gods gift to man kind. Whoever was involved with the conception of plasma repeaters in Elite I love you But.. Jokes aside, Plasma repeaters are perhaps the most fun I have had with a weapon in all of Elite Dangerous, and the fact they're available for exclusively...
  26. Confidenze

    Release Inside of Frontier Ships

    Dear Frontier. I have some spare time on my hands, and would like to make a simulation of what the spaceships from your game would look like inside. Since I don't have access to design in the Cobra engine, I consider doing a design in the Unreal4 engine. :cool: Would you mind terribly if someone...
  27. ZeroAi

    Need your input: What's your favorite ship for CZ/RES/Mission combat, and why?

    Good morning fellow commanders! So, after trying to have fun with mining missions last night (we ended up SRV jumping to liven things up,) we've decided next week to work on combat missions, and maybe even drop into a CZ. That said, I'm wondering if I'm using the best ship for that purpose...
  28. V

    Ship Customization

    If I make a purchase of, say, a paint job, would I need to pay again if I sell my ship at a later time or do the modification remain available to any ship i pilot?
  29. E

    Cloaking and viable stealth

    tldr: I want cloaking mechanisms In the current game stealth does not seem to be a large aspect. Im a PvE player and the only time I've ever "stealthed" as such is going silent running to smuggle for a few missions. In the world of scanners and high tension of war with both thargoids and...
  30. B

    Better Specialized Cargo and Passenger Ships

    There's a problem with relative ship design and performance in Elite: Dangerous. Namely, the best cargo ships are not the ships -designed- to be the best cargo ships. Likewise, the best passenger ships are definitely not the ships -designed- to be the best passenger ships. That a Python is...
  31. RichTF

    Specialised ships — Suggestion

    It’s always bothered me a little bit that some ships are clearly intended for a very specific purpose, and yet they’re not actually particularly specialised for that purpose. The problem seems to be that the main tool for customising a ship is through the optional internal modules. But these...
  32. B

    The Hermes - "Let's put a speeder bike in space"

    Foreword I've been playing Elite Dangerous since the PS4 launch, and as my first post on the Frontier forums, I wanted to show some love by floating a suggestion for a new ship. I originally posted the idea on Reddit a couple of days ago, but it got buried in the usual hilarity, mad skills and...
  33. GraXXoR

    [WIP] The Elite Ship One Glance Reference

    The Elite At A Glance Ship Reference UPDATE 2020.01.06 Added changes for additional 2 small slots in small ships and 1 slot in medium and large ships. Also, the new forum editor turned most of my plusses and minuses into bullets. Sorry. Following ships may have caused changes to best/worst in...
  34. T

    Report of a lost battle - Fight of titans in Votaroi

    What a stupid name, commander Twistedcat. I had to make that bet. Anyway, today was goind to be an epic day. Or so I thought. A few weeks ago, my vulture was finally equipped with these sweet 5A thrusters and I was just back from The jet's hole where Hera Tani pimped up that ridiculously small...
  35. M

    Modified ships

    Engineer should have shipyards where you can by ships that are already built for combat or long distance but you have to pay the cost of the ship the cost of all the modules the cost of the materials and then a convenience fee.
  36. Cmdrcraft

    Ships Ship interiors

    Hello cmdrs o7, First of all I'd like to say what an awesome game E.D. is, I'm very new to the forums in fact this is the first thread I've ever taken part in 😂 I have a question, does anybody know if the ships in E.D. have been designed with full on interior layouts in mind? If so is there any...
  37. Yamiks

    [Video] Top5 best ships REDUX Feel free to post below your own lists and maybe, just maybe, give some details as to why =}
  38. A

    Needless system locations

    What in the world are capital ships and checkpoints even for? Capital ships I dropped out on a capital ship earlier today and saw what it was since ive never needed to go there. MY GOD THAT IS LEGIT. why cant we do anything with it except ooh and ahh at it? Surely a ship like that needs...
  39. W

    Ship launched fighter concept

    Had a go at modelling something which could work as a ship launched fighter. One thing I think is really missing from ED is ships with a vertical orientation. I presume that's mainly because of the constraints on landing but I figured SLFs can be a little looser so long as the ship still fits...
  40. S

    More capital ship movement, interactions with the game.

    1. Just like in the video I have linked below, the capital ship can request assistance to help fight the opposing force and you can either accept or decline the distress call. Like the galnet that reads news and updates to you in your ship that they plan on releasing in the beyond update. This...
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