Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) [v2]

Added TTS4ED (a neat utility which uses text to speach to read out messages from local chat) to the "accessories, add-ons and tools to improve the ED experience" section.
Trending: Resurrected discussion following Obsidian Ant's recent video about C&P resulting in loss of Pilot's Federation privileges but access to alternative criminal organisation(s).
Trending: new FD monthly news livestream (tho' possibly not as exciting as you might think) + a new Distant Worlds newsletter in the DW2 section.

Have a good weekend y'all!
Just stumbled across this thread. Thanks Alec! By the time I am finished clicking on each link and absorbing the information within, humankind will have overcome the main obstacles to interstellar travel, radiation and gravity, and Alpha Centauri has long been explored by laser driven fully automated Light-Sail deepspace explorers, and we will have explored about 1.2 million exo planets (currently roughly 4.000) ;)
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