Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) [v2]

OK - it seems we're back. Give me a few days to find my way around here and hopefully normal service will be resumed. I guess I should do an audit for broken links in the OP at some point too.

EDIT: also - the OP of this thread is now too long to edit in the new forum so if nobody could post anything worthy of inclusion from now on then that would be cool! :ROFLMAO:
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Also: I've added a note about 99% of my forum tips probably being wrong now, I've moved all the previous Trending links into the "Older Stuff" section and I've added a blank line after every horizontal rule (clearly the most important change I need to make).

And yes, I'm back and (very) slowly getting to grips with the new forum.
Sagittarius Eye issue #20 is out!

P.S. and yeah, you're right, I'm not updating this thread nearly as much as I used to. Sorry but the simple fact is that the new forums just aren't grabbing my attention as much as the old ones.
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