[Application] EDJP and EDJPO

Update to 0.5.2 to fix duplicate key problem caused by FFSSing and mapping an ELW.

Edit: oh, and probably worth noting a beta of EDJPO is available here which will add one of Qohen Leth's overlays to the FFSS. See his thread for more details - but run in borderless mode, ideally 100% dpi scaling. If using higher scaling, reduce overlay size appropriately. This will be fixed at some point.
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I've updated the beta of EDJPO to 0.0.4. This now includes another executable, FixDPIScaling.exe which should - unsurprisingly - fix any DPI scaling issues. Copy all the files to wherever you run them from, run FixDPIScaling.exe (once), then when you launch EDJPO it shouldn't have any scaling issues. This is only a temporary workaround, I have bigger and better plans, but it works for now.
Just used EDJP since the FSS introduction, and I'm suffering the duplicate issue after mapping the ELW despite having just downloaded the latest version. Any ideas?
I'm away from home and have a 1920 x 1200 monitor. The 1920x1080 EDJPO overlay floats above the signals. Still useful, but if it isn't a heap of work, could a 1920x1200 option be added?

fwiw - I use the overlay all the time...usually at 1444
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