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This FAQ does nothing to assuage my concerns...

Not adjusting mission rewards to account for Arx sounds like we won't be able to earn them by doing actual activities. It kind of implies to me that they'll be earned by simply logging in.

When we* said we wanted cosmetics to be earnable in-game, we meant that we want to perform in-game activities that are relevant and appropriate to the cosmetic on offer. The example I keep mentioning is being granted a Hutton Mug ship dashboard ornament for making the Hutton Run.
Alternatively in the context of Arx, earning the amount of Arx needed to purchase said Hutton Mug dash ornament.

I know they don't exist currently, but apply that to any other current cosmetic - earn the Sol Bobblehead set by becoming established and allied in Sol, for example.

Need some clarification on how Arx will be earnable. Being drip fed Arx for logging in isn't a fun and engaging way to get them, and I am afraid this is what's on the cards for it.

I know I should wait until we have more information before I criticise (because otherwise I'm criticising something that may not even exist), but I do also think it's important to get opinions on perceived options out there so there's time to make changes if that's how opinion is trending.

*Generally speaking, I have seen this kind of opinion mooted often. I do not assume to speak for everyone, and if that's not what you personally want then that's fine too.
Honestly, I don't think this is a beneficial change for the game -- I've never had any qualms about recommending Elite to anyone and everyone, despite it having micro-transactions for cosmetics; and that is because I felt it was done much more fairly and transparently than the vast majority of other titles, which obfuscate and confuse people with multiple tiers of currency purchases, "value" packs and other such rubbish. Not to mention that there are a numerous shady techniques and psychological tricks which come with such practices and I would really hate to see them employed by one of my fav devs in one of my fav games...

Now, the idea of earning "premium" (UGH!) currency by simply playing is not a bad one, but I have a feeling that however high or low the amount is set it will end up annoying someone -- if it's too low, it'll be deemed "another (as much as I hate the overuse of this word) grind" or just seen as simply not viable; set it too high and it'll perhaps feel like an afront to those who spent money on regular-cash purchases in the past.

So, if this whole new thing is something that simply cannot be avoided, then me, myself and I, speaking as simply a player and a fan, would urge FDev to look into how it is handled by other "big" companies and NOT follow the worst trends in industry. Instead either allow us to buy the points directly, for, let's say, increments of 0.10 of given currency; or find some other actually fair solution to this.

Eh, well, I do not think this means doom and utter gloom, for the game, but also, at the same time, I really cannot see myself recommending it (or even enjoying it) with clear conscience. This is, of course, again, my own personal opinion, anyway.
This sounds way too close to Star Trek Online's way of doing things. And Cryptic's model is horrendous and a rip-off. I certainly will not be buying any "Arx"
I also don't like the idea of two currencies in the game. If you want things like paintjobs and bobbleheads to be purchasable in-game, then why not just allow us to buy them with credits? I wouldn't even care if it was 1 billion for a paintjob, but this model opens you up to accusations of cash grab.

I support you making things purchasable in-game, but as usual, you have a horrible way of doing things. 1 out of 10 for effort.
I can see several reasons why a separate currency for things "outside of the game" can exist inside the game. One would be to ensure game play, which ensures users of things and buyers of ship kits, paint jobs and such, and another is that it creates a conduit to transport all these kits and skins and trinkets into the game so they can be seen.

The developers have to make money, we all have bills to pay.
I'm not a fan of premium currencies, but in this case we've already got Frontier Points and we've already got a cosmetics shop. To me this is just rearranging the existing pieces a bit while making it more fair for those who don't want to spend money at all by gifting Arx. That's great. Cosmetics should be earn-able in-game.

I'll be curious to see how exactly this is implemented, of course, and I can see several ways it could wind up being objectionable. We'll just have to see. Overall I'm encouraged the fact that I can earn some skins by just playing, though.
I have quite a few Tactical paint packs from which I've only ever used the Tactical Ice skin. If these are to be individually purchasable going forward, will I get a pro-rata refund into my arxhole for all the ones I've never used?

I do like the idea of being able to switch paint jobs etc. without needing to be docked; it's something that's often been requested and of course it makes sense for FD since they'll sell many more cosmetics to long-term explorers who would otherwise not have bothered. Eventually I would like to see this integrated into the game's lore, perhaps through "nanotech hull coatings" or similar, and accessible through the ship's UI. But for now I'm happy for it to be on the menu. Also, I'm not sure how ship kits could be integrated in this way, other than by invoking 3D printers and licenses, and we all remember how well that went with SLFs... 😲

Maybe the out-of-game menu system is the least damaging option in the long run.

As a side question (not really an arx question, but related): if we apply newly bought skins while "out in the black", will we also have the option to refresh the wear and tear or will this be something that's still limited to station services? I can imagine a few people getting the hump if they drop their arx on a shiny new skin only for 40% of it to remain invisible because of 20,000ly of erosion. (Of course that too would pose a problem if integrated into lore; if "nanotech hull coatings" can be made to eliminate wear and tear, why aren't they doing it all the time?)
"We've already got 'Frontier Points' " .... That's the real issue, that console players have to use two currencies. The issue is NOT that PC players don't use "Frontier Points". The correct way to solve the problem should be to remove "Frontier Points" for console players, and have them be able to buy paintjobs and stuff with in-game credits. The wrong way to solve it is to force the convoluted two-currency system on PC players, that's being done to try to squeeze more cash out of a constantly shrinking playerbase.
I have no problem with them making money on the game- that is what keeps the game running after all. With that said you would think they would cater more to the requests of the players that play said game.
I suggested that they create an editor for paint jobs that the players can design themselves and upload to the store(for free) to be sold to them(or anyone else) at the same pricing levels.
But then you would have people B^&*()%g that they are paying for their own work ROFLMAO
It could be a hosted editor.
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