Release Aussiedroid's Enhanced Thrustmaster Warthog Script

This script is not that hard to figure out... in fact, if you understand how the modifiers work (in theory) then you can look at the giant picture JPG of the advanced script and basically figure it out. I started a month or two ago learning the script and now I can do everything I want. in fact, i didn't like 10 of the bindings and I ended up re-doing the script / binds in my game and forking it so that I can keep my updates and merge Aussies updates with mine. (Stuff like changing the way you view the interface inside the ship, changing some of the Yaw and pitch controls / modifying alternate controls, etc) now i feel like its perfect for my needs.

Just getting back into ED and found this. Looking forward to learning this but something is "plume evading me". I have it downloaded and complied without errors. I know some keys work as I know what they do. However, I am having trouble figuring out what buttons I need to bring up the UI panels (e.g., Nav/target panel, system panel, etc.). I can bring the Nav/target panel up with a "1" and then con navigate with the CMS buttons. I though it might be the "UINested" button ( down on the Sensor selector hat).

I use TARGET GUI on a regular basis and am a little familiar with TARGET scripting.

Anyway what is the noob missing. Thanks,
Hi @Cluter Fonulique

According to the images on his Steam guides page try press and hold modifier [2] (Joystick CMS button press) + Throttle Mic Switch Up, Left, Right or Down.

However, I cannot see any mapping in the script which sends 'TargetPanel', 'CommsPanel', 'RolePanel' or 'SystemPanel', pulses, which are the variables defined in his keymap file.
If/when mapped these would send the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys to the game.

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HI Clicker,

Thanks for the response. I too couldn't see anything in the scripts that would send those commands., and I didn't see anything in the scripts for "UINested" I was expecting a SEQUENCE type command.

However, I think I may have figured it out. I think he does direct bindings via DX buttons as much as possible. I looked at the key bindings file and it shows the command of J27+J19 for the Nav panel. AND that agrees with the jpg shown on the first page. I knew I was probably just looking in the wrong place.

Thanks for the response.

Glad you worked it out.
Given time, I "should have" loaded the script and bindings up and tested it myself...I got a bit lazy...sorry.

Hi all,
Bit of an odd request, but since also playing star citizen, i wanted to use the HOSAS setup with ED.
The issue i have is that when running Aussies script, my Warthog and throttle work fine, but it doesnt see my T1600 i use for the left stick.
I just wondered if anyone knew what i need to modify in the script to add the T1600 so i can then manually bind it with ED ?
Im pretty crap with Target and cant work out what i need to do, so any help would be awesome.
Hi @OutOfTheLight ,

Aussiedroid's script is written specifically for the Warthog Throttle and Stick.
It would be quite a bit of work to try to include your T16000 as well.

I'm sure he won't mind me plugging the tutorials I wrote as a source of potential assistance.
Whilst also written for the Warthog, I do provide examples on how to modify the script to use the T16000.
There have also been a couple of contributors to that thread who use T16000 and have posted the modifications they used.

Check my signature for the link.

Hi Clicker,
Yeah, i thought it might be. Guess i was hoping for an easy way to at least allow the T1600 to be recognized whilst running his script as it doesnt even light up, but totally understand your comment.
Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for providing your pips script on another thread. Im actually running that and all is good.
I the .tmc file, find the line that looks like

Configure(&T16000, MODE_EXCLUDED);


See if that helps.
By rights, you should be able to get into Options|Controller in game and bind your T16000 to whichever axis/function you careful you don’t clobber something that you want the script to keep control over.

Hope this makes sense.
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