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This forum thread will cover the Outfitting Project for Distant Worlds II, and is broken down into a total of three Volumes.

The Volumes are broken down as follows, it is strongly advised to read through this thread before consulting the guides as this will give you an understanding of how the guides work.


[COLOR="#FFA8C00"]¬ The Basics[/COLOR]


Basics covers outfitting and handling principles that apply to any expeditionary ship.

This volume is recommended for any Commanders taking part in Distant Worlds II as a first expedition, as well as for even the most seasoned explorers.

"What's The Basics?"

¬ This includes a comprehensive guide providing engineering instructions and information for Core Internals, Optional Internals, Hardpoints and Utility Modules.
¬ This guide also covers Power Management to include module priorities as well as flight configurations.
¬ This guide is recommended before consulting Volume II - Core Guides.


[COLOR="#FFA8C00"]¬ The Tier Guide[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFA8C00"]¬ The Role Guide[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFA8C00"]¬ Ship Overview[/COLOR]


This is the most important volume and is covered over two chapters.

These chapters define your expeditionary ship, and will provide you with an exact outfitting specification depending on your own preference.
This results in an exact build tailored to your own preference by utilising the Coriolis or EDShipyard websites.

"What's The Tier Guide?"

¬ The Tier Guide covers the essentials that apply to any ship, in such a way that it is inclusive of all Commanders.
¬ The Tier System accounts for the variables dictated by the Commander's preference (such as flying with shields, being able to boost, flying with optimal thrusters) and grades this as Tier 1 - 4.
¬ The Tiers are broken down extensively in the guide, and it is strongly advised reading through this to give an understanding of how to build your ship perfectly tailored to your preference.

"What's The Role Guide?"

¬ The Role Guide covers the required optional internals / utilities for your selected role in Distant Worlds II.
¬ The Role System accounts for all the different roles taking part in Distant Worlds II (such as Exploration, Mining, Fleet Logistics) and indicates the required modules to undertake that role.
¬ The Roles are broken down extensively in the guide, and it is strongly advised reading through this to give an understanding of how to build your ship perfectly tailored to your preference.

"What's The Ship Overview Guide?"

¬ This includes a comprehensive overview on each individual ship's Optional Internals, Hardpoints and Utility Modules.
¬ This also covers each ship's jump range depending on the tier of the ship.
¬ Please take note of the miscellaneous information for this overview (such as where Hull Reinforcement Packages are better utilised).

"How does it work?"

1) Decide what Tier of ship you plan to fly using the Tier Guide.
2) Decide what Role you plan on being for Distant Worlds II using the Role Guide.
3) Assemble your ship based on this information using the Coriolis or EDShipyard websites.
4) Utilise the Power Management section included in The Basics specific to your tier for understanding power priorities.

Note: Distant Worlds II Coriolis mentioned below is not a requirement for the use of these guides and will be posted at a later date when development has finished.


[COLOR="#FFA8C00"]¬ The One Jump Wonder[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFA8C00"]¬ The Drive Distributors Guide[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFA8C00"]¬ The Mining Guide[/COLOR]
(The Mining Guide was created and prepared by the DWII Mining Team)​


This is the most advanced set of volumes and is aimed towards experienced Commanders aiming to maximise jump range at a significant decrease in comfort and significant increase in risk.
I do not recommend outfitting your ship as determined in the Advanced Guides unless you are an experienced Commander or have consulted a member of the Outfitting Team beforehand.

"What's The One Jump Wonder?"

The One Jump Wonder is a theoretical build to achieve the highest possible jump range achievable without legacy engineering modifications.
This allows the Anaconda to reach a jump range of 83.99Ly (335.96Ly Neutron Boosted) by engineering the lightest possible components to the absolute maximum.

"What's The Drive Distributors Guide?"

This guide provides information on how to fit lower-class Thrusters onto your ship that without this experimental effect are not possible to fit, as well as which ship(s) this is pertinent to.

Distant Worlds Coriolis

The Distant Worlds II Outfitting Team have partnered up with the Coriolis Developer Willyb321 to begin developing a Ship Generation System.
This will be to virtually build your ship simply by selecting your preferred Tier, Role, and additional options such as engineering that you wish to undertake.
By doing this, the site will automatically create an appropriate build for you.

This is currently still a work in progress.

Outfitting Support / Questions

If there are any questions or issues relating to the information provided or general outfitting support is required, please get in touch with the outfitting team in the official FleetComm HQ Discord.


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Thx for the excellent guide. But pls link to instead

Cmdr Harry Potter took it over from Cmdr Taleden and the .net version is more up to date (new ships and modules like the Mamba, Guardian FSD Booster etc., see "About" for the change log).
As much as I'm a biased source as part of the DW2 organising team I know the work that's been done in the background in a rather short time-span to put this awesome outfitting guide together.

Top marks and now having had time to have a proper read I can say it has come out so professional I'd say to the untrained eye it could sit alongside the FDev official user guides and not feel far out of place!
This is fantabulous. Much appreciated and +1 Rep from here.

One thing though - bundle the whole lot in a .zip / .tar to download perhaps?
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